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Dr. Malcolm Perry testified that he performed "open heart massage" on Kennedy:

"...I took a knife and opened the left chest in the fourth interspace and reached in to massage his heart..." (3 H 386)

This procedure would have required an opening in the chest wall.

His testimony is supported by Dr. Shires:

"...efforts were made at resuscitation by open heart massage and all that went with it..." (Dr. George T. Shires, 6 H 113)

The autopsy photos show no evidence of any opening of the left chest of President Kennedy.

Can any of you nutcases tell us why not?


They were describing efforts to resuscitate Oswald, not Kennedy.


Mucher1 is right. And it makes this thread absolutely hilarious, since Gil Jesus thinks he scored another "aha!" moment here. But Dr. Perry's testimony at
3 H 385-386 couldn't be any clearer--that testimony is referring to OSWALD, not KENNEDY.

And the doubly hilarious thing here is that Gil not only thinks PERRY was talking about KENNEDY, but Gil thinks SHIRES was talking about KENNEDY too! But as we can easily see at 6 H 112-113, Dr. Shires, too, was referring to open-heart massage being performed on OSWALD, not KENNEDY.

In addition, let me add this very important point:

Dr. Shires wasn't even at Parkland Hospital during the time when President Kennedy was being treated in Trauma Room 1. Shires was out of town at the time when JFK was brought to Parkland, as we can easily verify via Shires' Warren Commission testimony at 6 H 105:

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Did you have occasion to render any medical treatment for President Kennedy back on November 22, 1963?"

DR. SHIRES -- "No; I was not in town at the time the shooting occurred. I was in Galveston, Tex., at the meeting of the Western Surgical Association."


What a fabulous researcher Gil is, huh?

Should I now feel sorry for the kook named Gil who didn't even bother to verify WHO THE PATIENT WAS that both Perry and Shires were talking about in the Warren Commission pages Gil cited?

Or should I utilize this thread as another in a series of (undoubtedly) dozens of similar examples which lead to the following ultimate conclusion about a conspiracy-happy person like Gil J. Jesus?:

People like Gil WANT a conspiracy to exist in the JFK murder case, and they will never ever stop in their quest to uncover the conspiracy that exists only in their own imaginations.


In view of Mucher's and DVP's comments, Gil, I think a public apology is in order. Nutcases have feelings, too.


Hey, Mucher was very polite. He didn't even include an obligatory "LOL" in his post, which must have been very difficult to do considering the double error made by Gil in this thread.

And I could really increase that to a triple error on Gil's part in his thread-starter, with #3 being when he placed the words "open heart massage" in quotation marks when Gil was referring to Dr. Perry -- with the obvious impression being that those exact words were spoken in that exact manner by Dr. Malcolm O. Perry during Perry's Warren Commission testimony. But Perry never said those exact words "open heart massage" at ANY point during his WC testimony.

What Gil Jesus did before racing to his computer to start another of his meaningless threads that he thinks proves conspiracy was very likely this:

Gil almost certainly utilized his computer's "Word Find" tool and then searched the testimony of the various doctors to see if he could find something about open heart massage being performed on JFK. (Although why on Earth Gil would search Dr. Shires' WC testimony to aid in this specific "open heart massage" purpose is anybody's guess, since, as I pointed out in my last post, Shires never even saw President Kennedy at Parkland on Nov. 22.)

And when Gil came across something in the Warren Commission record about "massage" or "heart massage" or "open heart massage" (which were words uttered by Dr. Shires at least once, but not Dr. Perry), Gil copied that part of the testimony, and just stopped there, not bothering to verify the name of the person to whom the heart massage was being applied.

I just wonder how many OTHER times an error like this Kennedy/Oswald error has cropped up in some of Gil Jesus' Internet posts--and gone unnoticed by anybody (possibly because most people simply don't care very much what an Anybody-But-Oswald kook like Gilbert has to say)?

If I were to perform a detailed online search for Gil's Goofs, my guess is I'd come across a pretty good-sized number of things that are akin to his silly errors that we find in this thread.


OMG, I missed this when it was first posted, but I about wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Could it be that even Giltardo was so embarassed by this FUBAR that he won't post here for a while. That would be too bad because he provides much needed comic relief on this [alt.conspiracy.jfk] forum.


I would have said, "April Fools", but you people are fools the other 11 months as well.

Kudos to Mucher1. He got the answer without going to a porn site.

That puts him one level above the rest of you idiots.


Oh dear. Looks like [Gil] is trying to pass off his ~snicker~ *research* blunder as an April Fools joke.

Pity you posted it on 31 March, [Gil].

Everyone already knows you're an idiot, Gil. There is no need to attempt to cover up your abject stupidity.


Let's see, Gil, you pull an April Fools joke on March 31. When do you celebrate The Fourth of July? Sometime in June?

What an idiot.


Awwwww, are you too embarrassed to accept the fact that you were spoofed?

March 31st = the day before April Fool's Day.

Why do I have to post it on April 1st? You're a fool EVERY day.

The posting proved what a bunch of dunderheads you are and how you will take seriously ANYTHING someone tells you.

How embarrassing for you and your flock of birdbrains.


Oh, brother. Gil is actually trying to dodge his triple mistake by pretending he was posting an April Fool's joke. Incredible. And totally disingenuous.

There is no doubt that Gil thought he had scored another "conspiracy" point with this "open heart massage" thread, and now he's too much of a pussy to simply say "Sorry, I goofed". Instead, he's invented the perfect excuse--an April Fool's joke.

But since he posted the "joke" at 11:48 AM EDT on March 31st, which is a time when I don't think it was April 1 anywhere on the planet yet, his excuse rings totally hollow. Who the heck posts "April Fool's Day Eve" jokes?

And even if he had posted this thread on April 1, his "April Fool's" excuse would still ring hollow.

Gil, once again, proves his "pathetic" status.

David Von Pein
March 31—April 1, 2010