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On August 20, 2010, I made the following comments about former FBI agent Don Adams:

"Adams tells all kinds of falsehoods [during a July 28, 2010, interview on WTAM-Radio in Cleveland, Ohio], such as the howler about how Oswald would have had to criss-cross the Book Depository building a total of THREE different times in order to get from the sixth-floor "loft" (as Adams calls it) to the second-floor "break room" (as Adams calls the lunchroom)! Adams actually seems to think that Oswald had to cross the entire length of the building THREE times--once to hide the rifle; then another criss-cross to get to the stairs (totally untrue); and then a third crossing of the building in order to reach the lunchroom (also a lie). This guy doesn't know the most basic facts about the assassination or Oswald's movements." -- DVP; 08/20/10

Ten days later, on August 30, 2010, Adams was a guest on James Fetzer's
"Real Deal" Internet radio program. The lengthy segment with Adams can be heard HERE.

On the Fetzer broadcast, Mr. Adams talked briefly about a person who was criticizing him for saying that Oswald would have needed to cross the TSBD building three separate times prior to LHO's encounter with Officer Marrion L. Baker. And although Adams didn't mention me by name, I know he was referring to me and my Internet comments quoted above.

Adams, on the Fetzer program, claims he never said any such thing about Oswald's criss-crossing movements during the WTAM show in July.

Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or, in this instance, the proof is in the podcast. Unfortunately, since I wrote my original post about this matter on August 20th, Mr. Adams has removed from his website the audio links to his 5-part July interview on WTAM-Radio, so you can't find them on Adams' homepage any longer (adamsjfk.com/Home.html) -- at least not as of today's date of September 13, 2010. [And as of October 2015, Adams' entire site is now gone too.]

But Adams' WTAM interview is not lost entirely. I found that it is still available (as of 9/13/10 anyway) at the WTAM website [but it, too, is now unavailable as of October 2015], which enabled me to prove that I was correct and Don Adams was wrong regarding this topic about Oswald criss-crossing the Book Depository.

This issue isn't important at all in the grand scheme of things, of course, but I just wanted to clarify the record (mainly for my own archived collection of Internet articles and posts). And the record can, indeed, be clarified, [which I did in 2010 when the WTAM audio file was still available on the Internet by verifying that conspiracy theorist Don Adams said the following words during his 7/28/10 radio interview]:

"When we talk about Oswald doing the shooting, at the loft [the Sniper's Nest on the sixth floor of the TSBD], he would have ran from the loft after he did the shooting, he ran to the front of the building [it was actually the back of the building, further illustrating that Adams doesn't know what he's talking about] and he hid the weapon in a bunch of cardboard boxes. He then ran across the building and went down four flights of stairs, and then ran across the building to the break room." -- Donald A. Adams; July 28, 2010

Adams also says in the WTAM interview that he thinks there were "11 shots fired in Dallas" at President Kennedy. Now, if that statement isn't enough to make all reasonable and rational people roll their eyes, then I don't know what would be.

David Von Pein
September 13, 2010