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I already explained why it should be footnoted. Like most other things you don't like, you ignore it.


It is sourced, as I already told you twice. Source Note #36 covers that quote on Page 957 of "Reclaiming History" that you have been referring to. You, for some oddball reason, think every sentence needs to be sourced separately. You're nuts, Jimmy.


Davey, did you miss all the stuff on Chicago?


No, I looked at your silliness regarding the Chicago plot--which is a plot by Vallee that has NO CONNECTION whatsoever to Dallas.

But since you've got Garrison Disease, you think that Vallee/Chicago is directly connected to Oswald/Dallas. Of course, there is no connection--except in the minds of outer-fringe conspiracy nuts like you.


It's incredible to me how with you guys, it's not enough to prove a lie...


When can I expect you to actually PROVE one of the "lies" you think you've proved, Jim? In the year 2025 perhaps?

There's no proof that Bonnie Ray Williams lied. And there's no proof Charles Givens lied.

Something that WASN'T said in an affidavit which WAS said to the Warren Commission does not prove that someone lied.

You simply cannot evaluate evidence properly, Jimbo. And that fact couldn't BE more obvious by the way you treat the "paper bag" testimony of Buell Frazier and Linnie Randle. To believe BOTH of those witnesses just MADE UP the bag is something that only a paranoid Garrison supporter would even begin to think.

Congrats, Jimbo, you are that paranoid Garrison supporter.


He [Lee Oswald] wanted to go down on that elevator...he was going to eat lunch at that time, and...HE ASKED THEM TO SEND IT BACK UP.


You're hilarious, Jimbo.

Of COURSE he himself (LHO) asked for the elevator to be sent back up. So what? He obviously was preparing the attempted assassination in his mind at that time around 11:50-11:55 AM CST on Friday.

He undoubtedly wanted the elevator sent back up for two reasons--

1.) He wanted to be able to lock the elevator on the 6th Floor so that nobody else could use it. I.E., it was one less elevator that anyone could use to surprise him on the sixth floor while LHO was in the act of murdering the Chief Executive.

And (even more importantly in LHO's mind, IMO):

2.) Oswald wanted to freeze the elevator on the sixth floor so that he, himself, could use it for his escape after shooting JFK.

Unfortunately for Oswald, nobody sent the elevator back up. Although it's likely that even if an employee had sent it back up, it wouldn't have remained locked and frozen on the sixth floor for very long...because Bonnie Ray Williams would have likely used that elevator to go from the 6th to the 5th floor after eating his lunch.

So, Oswald's "freezing the elevator" plan probably wouldn't have materialized the way he wanted anyway. But Lee Harvey didn't count on Williams eating his lunch on Floor #6.

It's just too bad Williams didn't hang around to watch the motorcade from the sixth floor. If he had done so, President Kennedy would very likely not have been killed in Dealey Plaza.

Also see:


Givens' BS story makes no sense in light of their testimony. Why would LHO ask Givens to send the elevator back up if he was waiting for it even before Givens came up to get his cigarettes?

You know why? Because it didn't happen.


More hilarity from Jimbo "Everybody Lied" DiEugenio here.

Oswald's persistence in wanting an elevator sent back up to him makes perfect sense from the point-of-view of OSWALD BEING THE ASSASSIN OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY.

I.E., It makes perfect sense from the POV of a person who would want an elevator to be sent back up to him on the Floor Of Death. As I mentioned previously, Oswald wanted to use that very same elevator as an escape route to get off of that sixth floor very quickly after shooting JFK.

What is so hard to believe about that type of mindset?

But, actually Jim, you've fallen on your own sword with the quote I just cited above -- because, you're right about it not making any sense from the standpoint and mindset of an INNOCENT OSWALD who wanted to do nothing more than take that elevator downstairs to eat his lunch with the other boys on the first floor.

Which is why we can know that Oswald had SOMETHING ELSE IN MIND with respect to the elevators on November 22, 1963. He wanted to use the elevator at a LATER time--like, say, just after he had fired some Carcano rifle bullets into the body of the President.

But, as always, since conspiracy theorists like Jim DiEugenio are part of the "Everybody Was A Liar" fraternity, those CTers fail to evaluate things from the POV of the assassin himself.

Obviously, Oswald had more on his mind at 11:55 AM on November 22nd than merely riding the elevator downstairs to eat a cheese sandwich. Which makes Oswald's DOUBLE PLEA for the elevator to be sent back up to him on the sixth floor an action that is in perfect sync and harmony with all of Lee Oswald's other actions and movements on 11/22/63.

David Von Pein
September 4, 2010