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Shall we ignore the fact that the reenactment [from 1026 North Beckley Avenue to the scene of J.D. Tippit's murder on 10th Street] that resulted in 11 minutes wasn't done in one go. That it was stop and start.



Sounds like you're implying that the people who did it in 11 minutes were STOPPING along the way to Tenth. (Am I missing something here?)

They STOPPED, then started again...and still made it in 11 minutes? How does that HURT the bottom-line "11 minute" clocking of the journey, Lee?

Please enlighten me. (And I just took a Helen Markham pill...so please go slowly.)

The fact is the trip could be made to 10th Street in about 11 minutes. You, however, like the longer timelines, as almost all conspiracists do. But what you want to be true couldn't possibly matter less. If it can be done in 11 minutes, it can be done in 11 minutes. Period.

You can always still pretend Oswald was being impersonated on Tenth Street. The "impersonation" crap is always a good fall-back position for Oswald defenders anyway. Right, Lee?


Is this a rhetorical question that you're asking?

So what you're saying is that the overall time won't be affected by stopping, giving the guy a break, and then starting the clock again? How long were his breaks? Do [Gary] Mack and [Dave] Perry tell us in the reenactment?

What Mack and Perry presented is NOT a reenactment. For it to be a reenactment you would film it continuously and see what condition the guy was in at the end. Jesus, Dave, if they timed marathons like this I may consider entering one. Anyone could do it if you keep stopping the clock for a "breather."


I didn't fully understand what you were saying about "stopping and starting" previously.

So, you are now implying that the CLOCK was stopped in the middle of a journey that encompassed a mere 0.85 of a mile?? That's ridiculous.

Why on Earth would anyone who wasn't in an iron lung need to stop and take a break on such a short trip? Where on Earth did you get such a silly idea? Who told you the 11-minute trip included BREAKS (plural?!); he needed more than ONE break on his across-the-desert trip of a whopping 0.85 of a mile, is that what you're saying? That's stupid. It's utter nonsense. It never happened.


I'll admit it's a short journey, but you're the one who has to have him walking it as quick as is humanly possible. Once again, why (as in the GM/DP [Gary Mack/Dave Perry] "reenactment") would Oswald be walking so fast? Because you need him to?

And I wouldn't trust Gary Mack or Dave Perry as far as I could throw my own head. So their so-called "reenactment" is certainly not something I'd use to prove or disprove anything.

Was Jackie's head in the way of Oswald as he walked down Beckley?


Date: 8/21/2010 3:16:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Gary Mack
To: David Von Pein



Lee [Farley],

You've been misinformed (or you weren't paying attention if you actually watched the show). The re-creation of Oswald's route to the Tippit scene Dave and I did WAS done continuously but not filmed that way. Dave and I rode in front of "Oswald" in a golf cart and the cameraman raced from point to point.

The entire walk was timed without any stops or slowdowns, and the total time was the same as what several other conspiracy researchers have found over the years. The shortest route gave Oswald plenty of time, whereas the longest route was too long. The other one or two routes would have resulted in intermediate times.

If you doubt me, walk it yourself or ask someone else to do it! :)

Gary Mack


David Von Pein
August 21, 2010