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Anyone who does a Google search for "Judyth Vary Baker" will realize that very little information about her is available on the internet. That was not always the case. Thousands of references have been removed in what appears to be a systematic effort to nullify her as an historical personality. Not even her Wikipedia page has been left standing.

It has the features of a cyber war. Positive posts by her supporters have been erased, while negative ones, especially highly denigrating ones--such as those by David Von Pein, which are particularly nasty--have been left intact.

This covert operation against Judyth is very serious and takes its toll upon her. She is now 66 years of age and has been forced to live in exile in Europe, where she resides in virtual poverty, even though she is a talented artist who has sold her paintings around the world for more than thirty years. The objective of this campaign appears to be to minimize awareness of her existence as a link to the alleged assassin.


Those who doubt the truth of Judyth's words about the innocence of Lee and the occurrence of a coup d'etat need to learn more about the death of JFK. Beyond the blogs found here, the books I have edited and the articles I have published about the assassination, I have interviewed many experts on my own radio program, which are archived at radiofetzer.blogspot.com.

Two of those are of special interest here, both with Doug Horne, the author of INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), who was its former Senior Analyst for Military Affairs. One focuses on the recreation of the Zapruder film to create a false record of the sequence of events in Dealey Plaza, the other about the medical cover-up in excruciating detail.

John McAdams, by the way, is a notorious "lone-nutter" who supports the official account of the assassination, which is refutable on elementary grounds. (See, for example, "Reasoning about Assassinations", which I presented at Cambridge and published in a peer-reviewed journal.)

Dave von Pein [sic], moreover, is an especially vicious attack dog who goes after anyone who contests the government's position, as anyone can readily verify by tracing the comments for INSIDE THE ARRB, where he has gone after Doug Horne tooth and claw and I have rebutted many of his assaults, which will continue.

Not the least of my reasons for posting this blog is that I received a death threat today for my work on JFK and 9/11. Lola, however, suspects that it is directly related to my support for Judyth, where she may well be right. She has done a nice piece of detective work in identifying the person she suspects sent this threat to me, which I received just this morning. Here is the threat.


While I totally disagree with just about everything James Fetzer says regarding the JFK case, I'm truly disturbed to read on his blog that he has received a death threat.

Regardless of what anyone's views might be (on JFK, 9/11, whatever), every person has a right to voice his own opinion without be subjected to such reprehensible threats like those Prof. Fetzer received via that e-mail he shared above. It's truly despicable.

Take care, Jim.

David "Vicious Attack Dog" Von Pein

(Hey, I guess I should say "thanks" to Mr. Fetzer. Being called a "vicious attack dog" is a lot better than being labelled a "CIA Disinformation Agent". Or maybe Prof. Fetzer thinks I'm employed in that capacity too.) :-)


Dear "Vicious Attack Dog",

Thanks for the expression of sympathy related to my "death threat", an exception to your voluminous nasty posts, which appear to be part of a psychological operation (psyop) intended to make research on virtually any aspect of JFK's assassination so unpleasant that most good-hearted Americans are going to abandon the field on that basis alone! It is quite a brilliant strategy, since it bears no relationship whatever to the truth or the falsity of any claim anyone has made about the death of JFK.

My invitation to you, therefore, is to take one or another of my studies about the assassination, such as "Reasoning about Assassinations", which I presented at Cambridge and published in a peer-reviewed international journal, and explain what I have wrong. That should be easy for a pro like yourself, who spends endless hours engaged in debunking arguments supporting belief in conspiracy. In fact, since it is also posted on this blog, I suggest that you and I begin there and then consider other work of mine. Touche?


It's quite humorous (in a "pot/kettle" fashion) to hear someone like Professor James H. Fetzer lecturing someone like myself on "the truth" when it comes to the facts surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy.

I, of course, have engaged Mr. Fetzer in JFK discussions on the Internet a few times in the past, and I have discussed the ACTUAL EVIDENCE in the case (which, of course, is evidence that bears no resemblance in any way at all to the "evidence" that Mr. Fetzer has concocted for himself in his own little world of fantasy--a world which adheres to the following rigidly enforced motto: "NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE IN THE KENNEDY CASE").

But, amazingly, Mr. Fetzer and other outer-fringe conspiracy theorists like him feel perfectly comfortable residing in such a world of make-believe, despite the fact that no conspiracy theorist to date has come within a thousand miles of actually PROVING that a single piece of evidence connected with the JFK assassination has been "manufactured", "faked", "forged", or "planted".

But in Mr. Fetzer's world, the mere BELIEF that a whole bunch of stuff has been faked and manufactured to frame poor ol' Lee Oswald is more than enough of a reason to tout such beliefs as rock-solid, undeniable FACTS.

That's why Mr. Fetzer is a conspiracy theorist and I am not. Because I happen to think that such vile and loathsome accusations--such as manipulating and faking all kinds of evidence in the murder of a U.S. President--should be PROVEN beyond all reasonable doubt before such charges are touted as outright "facts".

Mr. Fetzer, naturally, thinks he has "proven" that a lot of the evidence in the JFK case has been faked and manufactured (such as the Zapruder Film, to name but one example). But, in reality, Fetzer has "proven" nothing of the kind. In fact, Jim's theories regarding the Zapruder Film, in particular, are so incredibly far-out and wacky, they can only elicit laughter (and pity) from any reasonable and sensible human being on Planet Earth, as I vividly demonstrated in this article.

David Von Pein
February 26, 2010
February 27, 2010