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Come on, Michael, you should be able to figure out Helen Markham's "I didn't know nobody" testimony there.

Mrs. Markham was obviously not the sharpest crayon in the Crayola Big Box of 64 with the built-in sharpener (or the newer "Big Box" of 96). I think we all know that. (And that isn't meant to be a shot at Helen Markham. It's just the way it seems to be.)

Markham's testimony that Michael Hogan has cited above is, indeed, one great-big mess. It's actually quite hilarious now. But I don't imagine Joe Ball had a smile on his face when questioning Mrs. M.

Yes, Markham says she had never "seen" any of the men in the line-up before. But we also know she picked Oswald out of the lineup and positively said that LHO was Tippit's killer. She even started to shake and cry the minute Oswald entered the lineup room. She knew who the killer was right away.

But when Markham said she didn't "know" or "recognize" anybody in the police lineup, what I think she meant is that she had not been ACQUAINTED with anyone in the lineup at any time in her life. She was confused by Ball's questions. But, as mentioned, Helen wasn't an Einstein as far as intelligence goes either. Which, of course, is no doubt part of the reason that conspiracy theorists feel so comfortable in dismissing her positive identification of Oswald. Ergo, CTers feel she was a dumb box of rocks who wouldn't know one murderer from another.

But even if we toss Markham's IDing of LHO in the ash can, what are CTers going to do with the other TWELVE or so witnesses who IDed the same man (Oswald) as either Tippit's killer or the ONE AND ONLY PERSON fleeing the scene with a gun in his hands?

And Ted Callaway wasn't any Helen Markham either (referring to basic intelligence). I think even CTers will agree that Mr. Callaway was a pretty smart cookie.


David Von Pein
August 21, 2010