(PART 1036)


Some general observations and commentary....

The fact that the Tippit murder weapon was taken out of Lee Harvey Oswald's hands in the Texas Theater as he tried to plug more officers with it doesn't faze the conspiracy kooks in the least.

The kooks will just pretend that somebody else killed Tippit, with one kook in particular (John Judge) actually suggesting--get this--that the Dallas Police Department framed Oswald for Tippit's murder by taking LHO's revolver into the theater THEMSELVES and (evidently) shoving it into Oswald's hands (or they all lied and just SAID that Oswald had a pistol in the theater).

That latter option means that John Judge has to bring Johnny Brewer and Oswald HIMSELF into the plot to frame LHO, since Brewer said he saw Oswald with the revolver, and Oswald admitted to taking the gun into the theater.

I find that I have less and less patience with conspiracy nuts. And that applies particularly to the idiots who want to pretend that Oswald was innocent of J.D. Tippit's murder too.

Another thought occurred to me very recently regarding JFK's murder, and that thought is:

The fact that we know beyond all doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald's old, 1940, manual, semi-crappy, bolt-action Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was being used in an assassination attempt against the 35th President of the United States is, IMO, very good circumstantial evidence that there was NO CONSPIRACY involved in President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas.

Why is that?

Because if there had been anyone else involved in the murder attempt against the President, does anybody REALLY believe that this group of conspirators (which would have consisted of, presumably and logically, expert marksmen) would have utilized Lee Oswald's MANUAL BOLT-ACTION RIFLE to try and kill John Kennedy?

A "professional" hit on the President (circa 1963) would certainly have involved weaponry far better than Oswald's admittedly less-than-outstanding bolt-action rifle. If there's any room for logic here, then automatic weapons would probably have been used by the assassins to kill the President.

But there is absolutely no indication that JFK was being shot at in Dealey Plaza with any weapon OTHER THAN LEE HARVEY OSWALD'S SEMI-CRAPPY MANNLICHER-CARCANO BOLT-ACTION RIFLE!

That last paragraph--all by itself--is a fairly decent indication that NOBODY EXCEPT THE OWNER OF THAT MANNLICHER-CARCANO RIFLE was involved in President Kennedy's murder.

And if some conspiracy theorists want to argue with the above garden-variety logic regarding this matter and speculate that Oswald's rifle was "planted" in the TSBD to frame him, they're going to have to distort a whole bunch of ballistics evidence in the case in order to accomplish that "planted rifle" task.

What it boils down to is that when ordinary logic and common sense are applied to virtually every aspect of the JFK murder case, the end result is invariably a conclusion of: OSWALD DID IT ALONE.

In order to defeat those last four words, a conspiracy theorist has no choice but to pretend that every piece of physical evidence in both the JFK and Tippit murders is tainted in some way, which is a belief that no conspiracist can possibly prove in a million lifetimes.

David Von Pein
March 8, 2010