(PART 314)


I truly have a problem with the idea that Oswald could score any hit with the rifle he is presumed to have used, let alone 2 critical strikes and one of those being a fatal head shot.



SOMEBODY killed President Kennedy with Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. That is a 100% fact.

Unless you want to actually believe that CE567 & 569, the front-seat fragments linked to LHO's rifle, didn't result from the bullet that hit JFK in the head. And if you take that stance, the difficulty then becomes trying to reconcile how two large fragments from Oswald's gun got into that limo WITHOUT having first gone through the head of Jack Kennedy.

And ANY alternate explanation regarding those front-seat fragments put forth by conspiracy theorists pales on all levels when placed next to the lone-assassin scenario concerning those fragments.

But the LN scenario regarding CE567 and 569 has no loose ends or even any unanswered questions. None. Therefore, Rifle C2766 killed John F. Kennedy. Period.

So, I'd then ask:

Who is more likely to use Oswald's rifle on any given day than Lee Harvey Oswald?

Answer: Nobody.

And then when we add in all the OTHER evidence that indicates Oswald is guilty as Hitler, including LHO's incredibly guilty-like actions after the assassination (killing Tippit, telling one lie after another, etc.)....then Oz's guilt becomes fixed in cement.

Carlos Hathcock's meaningless shooting tests notwithstanding, Lee Harvey Oswald murdered a President in 1963.

David Von Pein
August 29, 2008