(PART 307)


Oh, goodie, 23 questions from a kook [Gil Jesus] who seems to think those 23 Qs have never, ever been answered or addressed by LNers in the past.

That's another definition of "Conspiracy-Loving Kook" --- A person who has a 6-minute memory.

I especially love #11 from Gilbert -- "What evidence is there that Lee Harvey Oswald ever purchased any 6.5mm ammunition?"

IOW -- In Gil's strange mind, if lone-assassin believers can't prove exactly WHERE and HOW and FROM WHOM Lee Oswald purchased his Carcano bullets, then there's simply no other choice but to declare that Oswald didn't shoot President Kennedy with that Carcano rifle (despite the fact that all of the bullets lead straight back into that Carcano rifle, which was owned and possessed by Lee Harvey Oswald prior to 11/22/63).

But it should be quite obvious to every reasonable-thinking person (in a "common sense" sort of fashion) that if Lee Oswald purchased a rifle via mail-order (which we know beyond ALL doubt that he did, using his alias "A. Hidell"), then it probably stands to reason that he planned on getting SOME BULLETS TO PUT IN THAT GUN AT SOME POINT IN TIME.

And it also stands to reason that if mail-order houses (like Klein's Sporting Goods Co. in Chicago, Illinois) were selling 1940-era Mannlicher-Carcano rifles through magazine advertisements in 1963, then the ammunition for such a gun would be readily available for the consumer to also purchase.

In fact, Klein's sold boxes of 6.5mm Carcano bullets (108 per box) for $7.50/box via its magazine ads in 1963:

Now, it's true that Oswald apparently didn't order any of his bullets through Klein's when he ordered the rifle and scope (at least there's no record of any such ammo order from LHO using Klein's), but it just shows that the type of bullets that Oswald needed for his Carcano rifle could easily be purchased.

Perhaps Oswald found a better deal on his bullets in a different magazine ad from a company other than Klein's. Who can know for sure? Nobody can. But just because there's no specific paper trail marked "Oswald's Receipts For Every 6.5mm Bullet He Ever Purchased For Rifle #C2766" doesn't mean he didn't obtain some bullets for his weapon.

I wonder if Gil thinks that every murderer who kills people with firearms is to be considered Not Guilty if it can't be determined beyond a reasonable doubt exactly HOW and WHERE the killer obtained the bullets that resulted in the death of the victim(s)?

Plus: Is there any other case in history where a Guilty verdict required a definitive answer to the question "Where did the defendant buy his bullets?"?

I'm not positive, but if I had to go out on a limb, I'd wager to say that the answer to that last silly inquiry is "No".

David Von Pein
August 19, 2008