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Is this affidavit a lie, James DiEugenio? If not, then you conspiracy mongers are cooked. And regardless of what the Warren Commission did with William Whaley, this affidavit still exists, which was filled out by Whaley months before Whaley gave any WC testimony:



Can you walk five blocks in four minutes?

I would like to see you try.

This is why they changed the destination where Whaley dropped off Oswald. See, the first time it took nine minutes to get Oswald to where he was going. But once this was changed, the five minute question was solved. .... Dave is hemmed in by the testimony of the landlady [sic; actually the housekeeper] Earlene Roberts. She said Oswald came in around one, and then left after 3-4 minutes.

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Incredible. The things CTers believe.

BTW, I'm not at all "hemmed in" by Earlene Roberts' timeline. Here's why.

BTW #2: Whaley took Oswald approximately three blocks past his roominghouse, not five blocks. Oswald lived in the 1000 block, and Whaley dropped him off at Neely & Beckley, which was the 700 block. How does 1000 minus 700 = 5 blocks?


Again, Davey does not know of what he speaks.

1. Because this is what it says in his [cab driver William W. Whaley's] original notation and this is what he said at first. See 10-5 is equal to 5.


Sure. But why would anybody still be foolish enough to be married to the "500 block of North Beckley" statistic? We know that Whaley DIDN'T take Oswald all the way to the 500 block of Beckley, even though Oswald initially told Whaley when he got in the cab that he wanted to go to the 500 block and even though Whaley did write "500 No. Beckley" on his trip sheet.

Did you even watch Whaley's two re-creations (for David Wolper's film and then for the CBS News documentary)?

Whaley also told the Warren Commission [at 6 H 429] that Oswald got out of the cab near the intersection of Neely and Beckley, which is the 700 block of Beckley, not the 500 block.

Whaley was just lying to the Commission there on page 429 of Volume 6, right Jimmy? And Whaley continued his lies during the two re-creations he did for the Wolper film and for Eddie Barker and CBS-TV in 1964. Right, Jimbo?

Get real.


2. And yes you are wedded to one o'clock with [Earlene] Roberts.


Bullshit. ALL times related to Oswald's post-assassination movements are merely "estimates" and "approximations", and all reasonable people know this.

You seem to think that every time estimate mentioned by every witness is rooted in concrete as the truth and couldn't possibly be a little bit off one way or the other -- like T.F. Bowley's "1:10" timestamp that you conspiracy theorists love so much; along with Helen Markham's "1:06" time for J.D. Tippit's murder, which has become the holy grail of timelines for Tippit's slaying for many conspiracists over the years. Balderdash and Humbug! (Not to mention "bullshit"!)

Plus: Let's listen to something else Earlene Roberts said during her Warren Commission session in 1964 [at 6 H 440], which is a quote that came out of Mrs. Roberts' mouth precisely ONE SECOND after she said "3 or 4 minutes":

Roberts said that Oswald was in his room "just long enough, I guess, to go in there and get a jacket and put it on".

Now, tell me, Jimmy, how long does it take you to take a jacket off a hanger and put it on? Three minutes? Four minutes?


Give it up will you?


The person who should be surrendering is you, not me. You should be embarrassed at even suggesting that Lee Oswald wasn't in Whaley's cab. Good heavens, even your very own patsy, Oswald himself, said he took a cab to his room on November 22nd.

But let me guess -- you don't believe Oswald ever said anything of the kind about the cab ride, do you Jimbo? You think the Dallas Police Department's cover-up crew, which was filled with nothing but rotten cops, just lied their asses off about Oswald saying he had taken a cab to his roominghouse. Correct?

Of particular note is DPD Captain J.W. Fritz' Warren Commission testimony at
4 H 223, where we find these words spoken by Mr. Fritz (which are words that James DiEugenio probably believes are nothing but a web of lies being spun by the veteran homicide captain):

J. WILL FRITZ -- "When I asked him [Oswald] about a cab ride--if he had ridden in a cab--he said yes, he had."


JOSEPH BALL -- "Did you ask him if he went directly to his home?"

CAPTAIN FRITZ -- "Yes, sir; he said he went straight home."

MR. BALL -- "Didn’t you learn from the cabdriver that he hadn’t taken him to 1026 North Beckley?"

CAPTAIN FRITZ -- "I knew he had taken him near there, but I am telling you what he told me. He told me he had taken him home."


When you accepted those 57 witnesses, you hinted you were really a WC critic after all.


You're goofy, Jimmy. When I said this on January 5, 2013....

"There's only one liar on Jim's list in his last post -- and that's Roger Craig. None of the others are liars though." -- DVP

....You seem to think I accept AS TRUE everything each of those witnesses said. But quite obviously, I do not think those witnesses are accurate with respect to much of what they have said. But I do not think they are liars either. I think they are wrong, yes. But that doesn't mean they qualify as liars (except Roger Craig, of course, and possibly Rose Cherami).


Instead of getting more pies in the face, just come out of the closet.


You want me to accept your foolish idea that Lee Oswald shot no one on November 22, 1963? Is that what you mean by "come out of the closet"?

Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather be trapped aboard the Titanic or on the top floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11 than to join James DiEugenio's Anybody-But-Oswald circus of conspiracy clowns.

David Von Pein
January 2013