(PART 308)


>>> "The total lack of any proof and evidence is what shows LHO shot no one. .... How about proving for once he ordered and received the rifle. Then prove he practiced with it and used it." <<<


I think I'll go into "Analogy 101" mode for a moment (so excuse me as I drift)......

Per Robby's kooky crime-busting methods, if a man was physically seen by 14 total witnesses (equalling the number of witnesses who actually saw Lee Oswald either physically shooting his two 11/22 victims or saw him flee the scene of the Tippit murder, gun in hand) robbing a bank and escaping in his getaway car --- all kinds of secondary, lower-level things would be REQUIRED to be proven in court at the man's trial in order for the robber to be convicted. Such as:

Where did the bank robber buy his gun?
When did he buy his gun?
Did the robber ever practice with his gun?
Where did the robber purchase the bullets he placed in his gun?
When did the robber buy those bullets?
Where did the robber purchase the getaway vehicle?
When did he buy that car?
Did he ever practice parallel parking while driving the getaway car?
Did the robber ever eat meat on Fridays?
Was the robber ever seen in the company of gay men in New Orleans?
Was the robber ever married to Liz Taylor?
Has the robber ever seen the 1964 movie "The Patsy", starring Jerry Lewis?

And on and on to obscure infinity.....

It wouldn't matter to a Rob-like kook that FOURTEEN PEOPLE physically saw and positively identified the bank robber (again, matching the Oswald scenario from 1963). Because if the laundry list of chaff-laden questions cannot be answered beyond all doubt, then the guilty robber MUST go free (per the kook's rules of law).

Quick Tip Of The Day:

Best way to get away with a crime --- Make sure Robert Caprio is sitting on the jury at your trial. Then you're home free. Because via Robby's oddball rules of law and evidence, no criminal could ever be locked up.

David Von Pein
August 19, 2008