(PART 306)


>>> "It is the hypocrisy which is delicious. Myers and his sycophants love to call conspiracy researchers kooks when they get the details of the limo wrong, such as placing Connally and Kennedy at the same height. He says of course the SBT cannot work when you start with the wrong data. Then he himself proceeds to make his SBT work with HIS wrong data? How did he do that trick? Again, by lying." <<<


Of course, it doesn't matter at all to Tony Marsh that Dale K. Myers has LOCKED IN and SYNCHED his computer model to the ZAPRUDER FILM ITSELF. Does it, Tony?

Tony apparently must think that even though Myers has done this extensive, painstaking overlay ("Key Framing" as it's called), whereby each frame of the Z-Film is placed "in sync" as much as humanly possible to Dale's computer model, Myers then (evidently, per Tony Marsh) went OUTSIDE that Key Framing process for some of the culled imagery we see of Myers' animation on TV shows, and CTers think that Myers has skewed all kinds of data for those individual SBT clips that the CTers (for some reason) think are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what can be seen in Dale's complete version of the animation project.

Is that about the size of the deception you think Mr. Myers has performed here, Tony?

Or did Myers just LIE altogether on this webpage, wherein he talks in great detail about how he lined up his computer animation model as close as humanly possible to the Zapruder Film via this Key Framing method?

If the Key Framing is accurate (and why would anyone believe Myers has deliberately skewed it, except for diehard conspiracy nuts?), then it doesn't matter how many "inches" a person SAYS Connally was from JFK in the car, or how much taller one man was than the other, etc., because the Key Framed computer model is going to be accurate anyway and will show John Connally in just the places he was located in relation to JFK throughout the entire Z-Film sequence on Elm Street.

Which, of course, is why Dale Myers' computer method of Key Framing is so accurate. It, in essence, IS the Zapruder Film placed onto a computer in three-dimensional space.

David Von Pein
August 19, 2008