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>>> "Warren Commission Apologist Dr. John Lattimer states in his book "Kennedy & Lincoln" that his Manlicher-Carcano [sic] has the EXACT SAME serial number as CE-139." <<<


This crap has been discussed before here, and has been reasonably explained. But Tom The Kook, two years later, thinks that everybody's forgotten. [Let's look at the past posts on this topic....]


>>> "John Lattimer OWNED the M-C Rifle with serial number 2766." <<<

Nowhere on that page [of Dr. Lattimer's book] does Lattimer claim he owned the SAME CE139 rifle. He mentions the serial number "C2766". But that is obviously an error, however, because the WC determined there were NOT two MC rifles with that same serial number. But the other comments made by Lattimer on that same page indicate he's obviously NOT talking about the SAME weapon as Oswald's MC (CE139).

Naturally, a kook overlooks all the other remarks (like "exactly as on the rifle from the same lot, WC Exhibit 139...") that clearly indicate Lattimer's rifle was NOT the exact same rifle as CE139.

Plus -- Only an outright idiot/kook could possibly think that Lattimer ACTUALLY meant that he (Lattimer) owned the SAME rifle as CE139, which resides in the National Archives.

But, then again, a conspiracy kook will believe anything I guess. (As long as it can lead to something that smells fishy.)

David Von Pein
August 18, 2006


...Only a "total fool" could believe, after reading ALL of Dr. Lattimer's book "Kennedy And Lincoln", that Lattimer was in possession of Oswald's exact Carcano rifle.

There are several references in the book that indicate Lattimer was utilizing the same MODEL of Carcano (91-38), but not the exact same gun.

The "C2766" reference in Lattimer's book is quite obviously an innocent error, because there were not two rifles in existence with that exact same serial number (as the WC said in its report, which, naturally, is info that a kook named Tom [Rossley] will totally disregard out of hand).

Lattimer, in fact, acquired FOUR different Carcano rifles for his experiments in the 1960s and 1970s....and ended up using one of those rifles more often than the rest of them. (I'm not entirely clear on how many times, if any, he utilized the other three Carcanos he obtained during his vast number of tests and re-creations he conducted. But it's quite obvious from the totality of text in his book that Lattimer was not using Oswald's rifle at any time.)

David Von Pein
November 18, 2006


>>> "Lattimer destroys himself with the bullshit in his book." <<<

I love the kook mindset regarding Dr. Lattimer....

It would seem that the mere fact that Lattimer misspoke re using "C2766", Oswald's exact rifle (CE139), completely negates EVERY SINGLE THING that Lattimer did concerning his JFK experiments in a certain kook's mind.

Just because JKL misspoke about "C2766", NOTHING he ever does again is to ever be trusted or believed by a nut named Rossley. Amazing short-sidedness.

And Lattimer's mention of C2766 was obviously an innocent error. Why? Because he proves it was merely an innocent error in the very same book ("Kennedy And Lincoln"). This is proven by way of several other mentions of the rifle he used in his tests NOT being the same rifle as CE139! That's brought out multiple times in that same publication. I guess Tom doesn't realize that, huh?

Or Tommy just ignores those additional rifle references because Lattimer said, ONE time, that he used "C2766", which, btw, was during a passage regarding the rifle's other detailed "specs" too -- e.g., "MC; Model 91-38; Italian; 6.5mm; bolt-action; etc.". Lattimer obviously put in the specs for LHO's weapon without realizing the exact serial number was being mentioned too.

But it's obvious from other mentions that Lattimer did not mean he was shooting with Oswald's exact gun, CE139.

But, let's just assume for the sake of kooky argument that Lattimer WAS using CE139, LHO's C2766 rifle. What real difference would THAT fact have made ANYWAY?!

Would using Oswald's exact weapon have suddenly CHANGED any of the WC-favoring experiments that Dr. Lattimer performed with said weapon (or any other similar MC weapon)?

So, as can be seen, Tom-Kook is arguing just for the sake of arguing (about nothing, really).

Because REGARDLESS OF EXACT CARCANO BEING USED -- Lattimer's tests WERE conducted WITH A CARCANO RIFLE, and ALL of those tests favored the "single-assassin-firing-from-the-rear" scenario. Period.

So, get a new "Lattimer Line", Mr. Rossley. The stupid one you're using now is just too flimsy to hold an ounce of H20.

David Von Pein
December 19, 2006


>>> "[Dr. John K. Lattimer] states that he owns a Manlicher-Carcano [sic] rifle model 91-30 [sic] with Serial Number 2766 [sic]." <<<

As I said before, Lattimer's "C2766" remark was obviously an error....because (as I shall provide below) Lattimer tells us MULTIPLE times elsewhere in his book "Kennedy And Lincoln" that he was NOT using Oswald's exact rifle. Heck, even the very page cited by Tom R. (Page 250) contains info that contradicts Tom's "C2766" claims.....

"...Exactly like Oswald's. This [scope] was mounted exactly as on the rifle from the same lot (Warren Commission Exhibit 139) that was demonstrated unequivocally by the Warren Commission to have been used to fire both of the bullets..." -- John K. Lattimer; Page 250 of "Kennedy And Lincoln" (c.1980)

The overall language used on the VERY PAGE TOM R. SAYS PROVES LATTIMER IS A LIAR shows a reasonable person that Mr. Lattimer was merely in error regarding his one "C2766" remark.

And when coupled with the following FOUR additional rifle references scattered throughout Lattimer's K&L publication, it's quite clear that Lattimer wasn't using Oswald's exact rifle.....

"I used a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano carbine of the same model as that used by Oswald (model 91-38)..." -- JKL; Page 232

"I had examined Oswald's rifle at the National Archives..." -- JKL; Page 292

"We had procured four rifles of exactly the same type used by Oswald. .... We then selected, from our four sample rifles, the one that most closely resembled his [Oswald's], in both condition and ease of operation, for use in our firing tests." -- JKL; Page 295

"Although we had to be content with four rifles of the same model as used by Oswald, the FBI used his actual rifle, and always with the same results: none of the bullets ever tumbled [unless they struck something else prior to striking a simulated Connally target]." -- JKL; Pages 271 & 276

Tom R.,

What do you have to say about the above-referenced passages from Dr. Lattimer concerning the rifle that you claim that Lattimer claimed was Oswald's exact C2766 weapon?

Based on those additional quotes from "Kennedy And Lincoln", do you honestly still think Lattimer was insisting he was using "C2766" for his experiments?

BTW, Tom (incorrectly) said "model 91-30" above, when referring to the MC rifle. I think this error gives me the right (per Tom's own rules) to call Tom a "liar" and a scheming "cover-up agent", seeing as how he said "91-30" instead of the correct model number of "91-38".

Right? Right.

David Von Pein
December 21, 2006


David Von Pein
August 20, 2008