(PART 303)


>>> "Do you think it was because of something he did or did not do, or do you think that it was simply a power grab?" <<<


Mainly because Oswald had a gun at his disposal, he worked at a place
where he knew JFK would be passing on Nov. 22, he hated America (in a
general sense), and he had "murder" in his veins (as evidenced by the
Walker shooting, which is probably the #1 reason he bought the rifle
in the first place--to kill Gen. Walker).

Add up all of the above and it equals a dead President in Dallas
(caused by one lone nutcase).*

* = Plus there are the additional factors of: Incredible luck for LHO
to have the whole 6th floor to himself at exactly the right time to
get the job done;

...And the fact that JFK happened to tour Dallas in an open car on a
weekday (when Oswald would be working in the TSBD building and could
easily blend in with all the non-murderous employees there);

...And the fact that JFK just happened to come by Oswald's building
right at lunchtime, which made it much more likely that fewer people
would be up on the 6th Floor (or any upper "warehouse" floor) to see
Oswald with his gun and to spoil his fun of murdering the President of
a country he hated.

David Von Pein
August 18, 2008