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Fritz/Curry both said that the city workers would have had to remove a piece of the curbing and create some sort of ramp onto Stemmons, BUT that remedy would NOT have allowed for access by the press buses, as their length and height off of the ground would not have been able to make the ramp's grade.


Then, too, when thinking about this particular issue for a moment or two, you must ask yourself:

Why would the three press busses necessarily be FORCED to travel the EXACT same route (foot by foot) as the President's vehicle in front of them?

In such a situation which had JFK's limo travelling straight down Main Street, instead of making the two turns in Dealey Plaza, why couldn't the busses have veered off this course momentarily at Main & Houston and taken the snake-like route through Dealey that Kennedy ultimately did take on November 22nd?

Obviously, if need be, the busses could have done just that, instead of being forced to negotiate the high Main Street curbing (not to mention the very tight turn for those busses onto the Stemmons ramp if Main Street had been used instead of Elm).

There was surely no written-in-granite rule regarding "motorcades" which dictates that EVERY single vehicle had to travel the exact same streets, regardless of hazards and/or potential obstructions.

Now, I too have argued in the past with conspiracy theorists about this very topic concerning possible access for the President's car onto Stemmons directly from Main Street. And, I'll admit, I actually hadn't thought too much about the "Busses Taking A Different Route" scenario before writing this post. But, IMO, it just makes sense.

And, interestingly, I've never once heard a conspiracy theorist bring this up either....which is kind of surprising, since that type of scenario regarding the route for the press busses would benefit a portion of their conspiracy scenario (at least in a small way).

But all such post-assassination talk about the motorcade route is Monday-morning quarterbacking, of course. The Secret Service had taken JFK past tall buildings at slow speeds in an open car many, many times during motorcades preceding the Dallas parade, and there's no reason to think that the SS or the DPD felt there was anything remotely dangerous or unusual about taking the President around those two curves in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

For heaven's sake, Kennedy's car even came to a complete stop on at least two occasions on Main Street before reaching Dealey Plaza that day in Dallas....and yet I've never heard even one CTer ever balk or gripe about those two COMPLETE STOPS the President made.

The CTers don't seem to think that STOPPING the President's limo completely was the slightly bit out of line or a violation of Secret Service protocol, but many conspiracists do seem to feel that the hairpin turn from Houston onto Elm WAS a terrible violation of some Secret Service rule or regulation. Weird.

Do conspiracy theorists want to believe that the Secret Service should have been of the opinion (as of the morning of 11/22/63) that there was MORE danger to the President by taking him slowly through Dealey Plaza (moving at about 11 MPH) than there was during those two complete stops that JFK made in his open limo that same afternoon?

Food for "Motorcade Route" thought.

David Von Pein
August 28, 2008