(PART 304)


>>> "It leaves the Body Alteration theory front and center. You're basically arguing that the conspirators wouldn't make mistakes. Actually, if you talk to any police officer or prosecuting attorney, they'll tell you that killers make mistakes...big mistakes...when they try to cover up their deed. It's nothing new. In fact, it happens almost every time." <<<


Oh, come now, my good kook-man! You think your make-believe "Body
Alterationists" would ever make a MISTAKE??? Rue the day! Never!

But what's more amazing is the fact that Mr. Lifton has actually
gotten so many different people to believe that ANYONE in their right
mind would even begin to ATTEMPT the kind of crazy, off-the-wall, half-
assed "Body Alteration" on JFK's mangled head in the first place.

And to do all of that altering of the body within an hour or two of
the President's death, and then expect everything to look just
perfect, so as to fool everybody at the autopsy.

Or did the never-identified and proverbial "they" think they could
easily coerce Humes, Finck, Boswell, Ebersole, Stringer, Burkley, et
al, into just "going with the LN flow" even if things didn't go well
at the Conspiracy BatCave where the "alterations" took place?

And if that's the case, the next logical question is -- WHY THE NEED
TO ALTER THE BODY AT ALL? Why not just fake some pictures and X-rays,
coerce all the autopsists, and file all kinds of false, misleading
reports and documents? (Which is what you kooks think occurred anyway,
isn't it?)

So what possible purpose would it serve to alter the body? Just FAKE
everything instead. And it's a "Mark VII". You kooks are cool with
that, right? Right.

Don't ya love the contradictory mindset of the Kook Faction, kids? A
lot of fun, indeed. And for laughs--they're better than Jack Benny.
And for those kids too young to know him, Jack was damn funny.

David Von Pein
August 18, 2008