(CE567 AND CE569)


>>> "The Secret Service had possession of the limo...for 12 hours after the assassination. They provided no record of what they did, no diagrams, nothing. There was a lack of accountability, and as a result, everything that turned up needs to be questioned. How do we know the limo was not sanitized -- because the SS tells us so? Really?" <<<



If a conspiracy theorist actually wants to postulate the idea that all of the limo evidence is fake, they've got a very big hurdle to overcome:

How (and when, and by whom) did the Secret Service (or the FBI) manage to plant the two large bullet fragments from OSWALD'S RIFLE in the limousine?

Oswald's rifle, we know, was in Dallas and was in the possession of the DPD until about 11:45 PM (CST) on Friday, November 22nd. Then it went to the FBI in Washington. So neither the Secret Service or the FBI had physical possession of Oswald's Carcano until about 12 hours after the assassination.

Do conspiracy believers actually think that the Secret Service and/or FBI just INVENTED the notion that the fragments were found in the front seat area of JFK's limousine? They just made that up out of thin air? Is that it?

If that's the silly theory that conspiracists want to endorse, then they should at least have the decency to tell the world what evidence they've got to accuse the Secret Service (and maybe the FBI too) of such a vile, despicable evidence-planting deed.

But, naturally, no conspiracy theorist on Earth can supply any evidence to substantiate their continuing claims of evidence manipulation in the JFK case. All we ever get are comments like this one:

"How do we know the limo was not sanitized -- because the SS tells us so?"

Footnote ----

The theory that CE567 and CE569 are fake/planted bullet fragments almost certainly MUST be a theory that a lot of conspiracy theorists endorse, whether they know it or not. Because if those two bullet fragments are legitimate pieces of evidence in this case, it positively means that OSWALD'S RIFLE was being fired at President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.

And those two bullet fragments, in conjunction with Oswald's own actions and all of the other many things of a physical nature, go a long way toward incriminating the owner of the rifle that was conclusively linked to those two front-seat bullet fragments. And that owner's name was Lee Harvey Oswald.

When arguing with conspiracy theorists over the years, I've noticed that those two limo bullet fragments don't very often come up in conversation. And I think there's a very good reason why CTers like to distance themselves from those two very important (and Oswald-incriminating) pieces of bullet evidence.

The CTers can't possibly even begin to prove that those fragments weren't really found in the front seat of JFK's car. And the CTers can't begin to support their nutty idea that ALL of the physical evidence against Oswald in the JFK and Tippit murders is fake, planted, or phony.

So the conspiracists normally just ignore the two limo fragments from LHO's gun. I guess maybe they think those fragments will just go away if they don't talk about them very much.

But those fragments aren't going to suddenly disappear from the official record in this murder case. They are there...and there to stay. And those fragments indicate a very important thing:

Those fragments indicate that the rifle owned by Lee H. Oswald was the weapon that killed President John F. Kennedy.

And that's a stubborn fact that many conspiracy theorists just simply do not want to accept. And they never will.

David Von Pein
September 23, 2011