(PART 60)


>>> "Why do so many LNers have no idea what their theory is
all about?" <<<


I can only stand here, mouth agape, as I gaze at the above idiocy, and

Hey, all lone-assassin advocates: Did you guys know that we
have "no idea" what our theory is all about?

That's kinda odd, huh? I always thought it was just the opposite.

But, leave it to a conspiracy kook to get everything topsy-turvy. It
must be a gift they're born with.

I wonder if most conspiracists type with their feet? After all, everything
they say seems to be backwards; so their hands are probably located
at the bottom of their legs.

>>> "Why can't they [LNers] debate evidence?" <<<

Goodie! Another WTF moment. Lovely.

Try this 60-Volume set of debates. Maybe you'll learn something.

(~~ Awaiting Rob's next retort, which will no doubt be something
akin to this --- "Making up the questions and the answers yourself
isn't "debating", Davy. It just shows how much of a nutjob you are by
talking to yourself."

To that retort, of course, I can suggest that Robby use his feet
(er, hands, sorry) to utilize the Google Search function, and then
he'd be able to find almost all of the "Debate" points brought up by
the "CTers" in my links above.

Many of the "CTer" comments from my posts can also be found coming
from the mouths of various conspiracy-mad nuts at the JFK Lancer forum,
which is now occupied for the most part only by conspiracy theorists
(most of them kooks, similar to Robert Caprio).

>>> "I'll be right here to keep you in line though." <<<

Goodie. Robby's going to keep me "in line". I love to be kept "in line"
by a mega-kook who says things like the following (which are all
direct quotes from Rob; I'm not kidding, he really said them; and
remember: this fruitcake named Rob is going to keep me "in line";

"LHO shot no one."

"No one saw LHO do anything."

"It wasn't LHO that shot JDT [J.D. Tippit]."

"Which witness said they saw the [Tippit] killer shaking out

>>> "It does really sadden me to know I have contributed so much to something no one will ever read though (save the seniors in between bingo)." <<<

Yeah, your "LHO shot no one" gem is a major breakthrough contribution
to the truth surrounding the events of November 22, 1963.

You should be very proud. (Even though nobody but Grandma Moses will
be reading it.)

>>> "You have provided no real proof to show I'm wrong in my beliefs." <<<

I've proven your "LHO Shot No One" beliefs to be 100% wrong a hundred
times over
. For some reason (probably because you're an idiot as well
as being an Any-But-Oswald moron), you just cannot realize that obvious fact.

>>> "I have been called Superman a lot by women!" <<<

Are those same women impressed by the life-sized poster of Lee Harvey
Oswald that you've got stuck to your ceiling too (with the bold caption
"Patsy!" printed diagonally across it)? That poster is sure to turn a lot
of women on, huh?

>>> "I have the knowledge that 85-90% of the rest of the people in the world think like me." <<<

Rob The Kook actually thinks that 7% = 85-90%:


Go figure.

David Von Pein
November 2007