(PART 316)


>>> "It is not necessary to link them [CE567 & CE569] to the head wound to prove that they were fired from Oswald's rifle. They were ballistically matched to Oswald's rifle. They could have come from a different shot. Maybe Mark Fuhrman thinks that they came from the bullet which exited Kennedy's throat and hit the chrome topping. I think they came from the bullet which hit Connally's wrist." <<<


You're both wrong.

The front-seat fragments had NO CHOICE but to have come from the bullet that struck JFK in the head. There is no other alternative given the ballistics evidence in this case (coupled with common sense and a grip on reality):

1.) John Connally was hit by just ONE bullet.

2.) The bullet that hit Connally was CE399 (beyond all reasonable doubt).

3.) Since #1 and #2 are certainly true, it means that the front-seat bullet fragments (CE567 and CE569) never touched the body of John B. Connally Jr.

4.) The bullet that split into fragments 567 & 569 hit something FIRST before ending up in the front seat of the limo (this is unquestionably true, because if Oswald's bullet had hit the windshield or chrome strip at full velocity, that bullet would have gone clear through the windshield glass and/or the chrome strip -- per Robert Frazier of the FBI).

5.) The limousine was completely undamaged, except for the crack in the windshield and the dent in the chrome strip.

6.) No limo occupants other than JFK and John Connally were hit by bullets during the shooting in Dealey Plaza.

7.) There were no obstructions (e.g., trees) between the muzzle of Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle and the back of John F. Kennedy's head at the time when JFK was struck in the back of his head by the fatal bullet at Zapruder Frame #313.

8.) Since #3 through #7 above are true, then the only possible source for the fragmentation of the bullet from Rifle #C2766 that produced fragments #567 and #569 was the head of President Kennedy.

~~Mark VII~~

Perry, your witness.

(You have no case, Perry, but that never stops a conspiracy theorist from trying, does it now?)

>>> "The two large fragments did not have to go through Kennedy's head in order to have been fired from Oswald's rifle." <<<

Yes, they most certainly did. And I just succinctly proved that fact (via logic and common sense) in my eight-step chronology above.

>>> "How do you get an intact bullet leaving Kennedy's head on a DOWNWARD trajectory to fall into the front seat?" <<<

Why on Earth would you think the bullet would have to be "intact" after having just passed through and destroyed a large chunk of John Kennedy's skull?

And: Why on Earth would you think such a bullet, after having smashed through a human skull, necessarily had to stay on the exact same 15-degree downward course that it was on when it left Oswald's gun an instant earlier?

(Geesh. Tony's making this easier than usual today.)

>>> "Are you Houdini?" <<<

A better question to ask Tony Marsh at this point would be --- Are you kidding??!!

>>> "Answer this question. The base fragment was only the jacket. The lead core was missing. Where did that lead core go? Prove it. Show it to me." <<<

And if I can't "show it" to you, then you get to believe in a bunch of stupid, off-the-wall shit.

Right, Anthony?

Thought so.

David Von Pein
August 31, 2008