(PART 317)


...Like it's a Xmas party and a birthday party for one individual because they were born near Xmas.


Yeah, I suffered through that a lot as a young'un. I was born on December 27th. It sucked.

But, please, continue on, Curt (and other assorted conspiracy kooks). I'm enjoying watching the spectacle of a batch of conspiracy-happy clowns (who possess absolutely zero pieces of physical evidence to support their amazing claims of the incredibly complex plot against JFK that they have dreamed up), as this batch of conspiracy loons tries to tackle and undermine the rock-solid, simple, and plain-as-day facts that Bud has presented.

A Quick "Fact" Checklist (just for the fun of tormenting the rabid CTers with these irrevocable facts):

1.) A witness IDed Lee Harvey Oswald as Kennedy's killer (Howard Brennan).

2.) Multiple witnesses IDed Oswald as Tippit's killer or the ONE MAN who was fleeing the scene of the crime with a GUN IN HIS HANDS (Markham, Scoggins, Benavides, V. Davis, B. Davis, Tatum, Callaway, among others).

3.) Oswald's rifle was found on the 6th Floor of the TSBD.

4.) Oswald's rifle was determined to have been the weapon that killed President Kennedy.

5.) Oswald was arrested with a revolver on him while trying to kill policemen within the Texas Theater.

6.) The gun on Oswald when he was arrested was positively determined to have been the gun used to murder Officer Tippit.

7.) Oswald told a string of provable lies about important, substantive issues relating to the assassination of the President, the murder of Tippit, and the two guns used to kill those two men.

8.) Oswald had absolutely no believable or provable alibi for either of the two murders he was charged with committing on November 22, 1963.


What do you suppose the odds are of having all of the above eight points being even remotely possible (let alone being PROVEN AS FACTS in this case, which, of course, each one is) if the conspiracy kooks are correct and if Lee Oswald was nothing but a totally innocent "patsy" for TWO murders that were carried out by other non-Oswald people on 11/22/63?

I wouldn't trust those odds at a friendly neighborhood card game....let alone in Vegas.

Would anybody?

David Von Pein
September 2, 2008