(PART 318)


Kooks like Ben & Gilberto never run low on questions. It's a kook's trademark--asking questions that have all been handily answered in non-conspiratorial ways many times previously. But these CTers never supply any answers that they can weave into any semblance of the cohesive conspiracy plot they want so desperately to believe in.

But does that matter to kooks like Ben and Gil, though?? Nah. Never.

For, every time a kook's Q is answered, the kook asks 6 more inane Qs that also have already been answered -- like the six representative Kook Samples listed below (all of which are utterly-stupid questions being asked only to push the idiot's Q count even higher).

But, let's have a go at the "Representative Six" for the 1,239th time anyway (just for laughs):

>>> "27. Why didn't "psycho killer" Oswald just step off the curb and shoot Kennedy point-blank with his revolver?" <<<

Here's another of the million examples of a kook not being satisfied with the verified way that the murderer (Oswald) got the job done on November 22nd....so the kook will stomp his feet and ask meaningless "WHY DIDN'T HE DO IT THIS WAY, DAMMIT?" type of questions like Gil's 27th.

>>> "11. What evidence is there that Lee Harvey Oswald ever purchased any 6.5mm ammunition?" <<<

The fact that Oswald positively shot the President with Rifle C2766 isn't nearly good enough for most conspiracy kooks. No. Peripheral sidebar questions MUST be answered...or else the kook gets to believe in stupid shit (like always).

If Oswald had run Kennedy over with a pick-up truck and was captured by Zapruder's Bell-&-Howell while doing so, the kook named Gil would need an answer to the following stupid question before believing in Oswald's guilt:

"Is there any evidence at all that Oswald ever purchased gasoline for the pick-up truck he allegedly ran over JFK with?"

A kook mindset isn't a pretty one....but it is a pretty funny one.

>>> "31. What evidence is there that Lee Harvey Oswald ever purchased any 38SPL ammunition?" <<<

A reprise of kook insanity, I see. Nice.

Gil couldn't care less that Lee Oswald had five .38 Special bullets in his pants pocket when he was arrested.

And Gil can just sidestep the fact that Oswald had six .38 Special bullets IN HIS GUN when arrested in the Texas Theater.

Meh. To a kook, the above facts are trivial. Because the MOST important thing to try and find out is WHERE and WHEN Oswald acquired those bullets.

And if we can't discover the answer to the WHEN & WHERE, then Oswald gets to go free.

Don't ya love Kook Rules. It's like the play money in Monopoly. It's worth zilch. But it looks nice on paper.

>>> "33. How did Oswald hide the rifle without leaving any identifiable fingerprints on either the weapon or the boxes surrounding it?" <<<

Gil now wants to evidently pretend that no prints AT ALL of Oswald's were found on Rifle C2766.

Again, we're playing by Kook Rules here (naturally) -- therefore, the real evidence and the real facts of the case can get tossed out the nearest window, just as if these verifiable facts about Oswald's palmprint and fingerprints (near the triggerguard) on the rifle never existed at all.

I love kooks. Don't you?

>>> "34. Why don't the shells recovered from the Tippit murder scene match in number and manufacturer the bullets removed from Tippit's body?" <<<

Once more, a kook regurgitates an inquiry that's been explained (logically) hundreds of times before. Gil should read Dale Myers' "With Malice". It might do him some good (if only to show him what a book about the REAL FACTS AND EVIDENCE in the Tippit murder case looks like).

I think Oswald might very well have fired five shots at Tippit, instead of just four. This would explain the loose ends regarding the bullet/shell mismatch.

"I heard what sounded to me like five pistol shots." -- Ted Callaway

>>> "35. Why did a Dallas Police car pull up to Oswald's rooming house while he was there and give a little "tit-tit" on the horn?" <<<

Here's an example of a question that surely must be included only to inflate Gil's Q count. Because if that's not the reason to ask this silly question, Gil apparently must think that Earlene Roberts was a rotten liar too, when she testified that several times PRIOR to November 22 a police car would routinely stop by the roominghouse on Beckley and toot the horn softly, just exactly in the "tip-tip" manner she described in her Warren Commission testimony.

Or is Gil of the crazy opinion that the cops, in preparing for the big day on the 22nd, went to the trouble of pre-arranging the several OTHER horn-honking incidents in front of Roberts' house, just so that a pattern of horn-honking episodes could be established in the days, weeks, even MONTHS, leading up to the assassination?

Can anybody possibly believe that? Even a CT-Kook like Gilbert?

Or was it just a mere coincidence that some rogue cops who were "in" on a conspiracy with Oswald just got lucky when it turned out that other police cars would occasionally ALSO toot their horns in front of that residence on days when Presidential murders weren't being carried out in Dallas?

BTW, I can't wait for the "Holmes Hundred". That kook might have to start digging into Marina's family background to get the number of "Kook Kwestions" into triple-digits.

And when he gets around to suspecting little Junie of being a co-conspirator, the forum won't have enough bandwidth to support Ben's idiotic inquiries.

David Von Pein
September 4, 2008