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Lattimer didn't know the serial number of his own rifle, but you do. So tell us, what is it?


Who cares? It's a non-issue entirely (which is just exactly the kind of shit you kooks love to focus on).

For, even if Lattimer miraculously was able to somehow secure himself a Carcano rifle with the EXACT SAME serial number as Oswald's [C2766] (which, as I've mentioned in earlier posts would be impossible, since there aren't two MC 91/38s with the same serial number), how in the world would that fact change any evidence in this case which shows that Oswald's C2766 killed JFK in '63?

[Quoting from Vincent Bugliosi's book:]

"William Suchur, the owner of International Firearms Company of Montreal, informed the FBI on March 12, 1964, per a letter from J. Edgar Hoover to the Warren Commission of April 22, 1964, that “in the 1930’s Mussolini ordered all arms factories to manufacture the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Since many concerns were manufacturing the same weapon, the same serial number appears on weapons manufactured by more than one concern. Some bear a letter prefix and some do not” (CE 2562, 25 H 808).

"However, no other Mannlicher-Carcano with a serial number of C2766 has ever surfaced, although one with a serial number of 2766 without any prefix did. That Carcano was sold by a Montreal firm to a firm in St. Albans, Vermont, which in turn sold it on July 5, 1962, to a firm called Aldens in Chicago. The weapon’s history beyond this point was not determined by the FBI because Alden’s records were not available. (CE 2562, 25 H 801–803, 807–811)

"However, even if another Mannlicher-Carcano did surface with the same serial number as Oswald’s, C2766, it would be irrelevant since we know one with that serial number was sold and sent to Oswald, was found in the sniper’s nest*, and was proved to be the murder weapon."

* Slight error on VB's part here. Vince knows the gun wasn't found "in the sniper's nest". He obviously meant to say "on the sixth floor of the Book Depository" instead of "in the sniper's nest".

David Von Pein
September 9, 2008