(PART 324)


An excellent find in the forum's archives, Bud. Great job of using that good ol' search engine. Thank you.

I should have also thought about searching the vast archive of forum posts here for possible information about this "C2766/Lattimer" sub-topic; but, I'll admit, it never once occurred to me to do so....which was, indeed, a silly oversight, especially in light of the fact that Dr. Lattimer was still living up until May 10, 2007, and it should have occurred to me that at least one person who posts at the forums might very well have actually talked to Dr. Lattimer and asked him about this "C2766" mix-up. And that's exactly what did occur in April 2004, as dug out of the archives by Bud [HERE].

"I can't recall who asked me to check with Dr. Lattimer re. the notation in his book that the serial number of the Mannlicher-Carcano he used for his tests was C-2766 (the same serial number as the Mannlicher-Carcano found in the TSBD), but I asked him about it and today I received a letter from him with the answer. It's simple. It was [an] error: "...the book was printed before we noticed the error and it was too late to correct it"." -- John Canal; April 30, 2004


This should shut the kooks up about this for good (but it probably won't; they'll just say that Lattimer lied to Canal in 2004).

David Von Pein
September 9, 2008