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When Lee Harvey Oswald's "I'm just a patsy" statement (which was uttered by Oswald at approx. 7:55 PM on 11/22/63, per reporter Seth Kantor's notes) isn't broken up into smaller sections (which it usually is, so that people don't get to hear Oswald's incredibly silly lie about being "taken in" because of his once having lived in Russia), it becomes fairly clear that the Patsy statement is nothing more than a whitewash/lie being spoken by Lee Harvey in an obvious attempt to divert suspicion away from the man (LHO) who really did kill two people in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

But when you stop and think about Oswald's "Soviet Union" lie, it was actually a rather lousy attempt on LHO's part to steer himself away from the finger of guilt, because even a teenaged stringer on any newspaper in the country would have been able to easily investigate Oswald's claim about being arrested due to his previous Soviet Union residency and discover in a heartbeat that the DPD couldn't possibly have known anything about Oswald's having lived in the USSR by the time of his arrest at approximately 1:50 PM on November 22nd.

Not to mention the fact that the organization whom Oswald was pointing his finger at in the 'They're-Making-Me-The-Patsy-In-This-Thing' regard (the Dallas Police Department) didn't even have the slightest idea who Lee Harvey Oswald was as of the time of his arrest.

The police didn't officially know LHO's true identity until after they got him to the police station. They were confused due to all of the fake I.D. cards Oswald had on him. For all the DPD knew as of 2:00 PM on 11/22, Oswald could very well have turned out to really be Mr. Alek James Hidell.

The full "Patsy" declaration from LHO:

"They've taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union. I'm just a patsy!" -- Lee Harvey Oswald

Now, does any person alive today actually believe that Lee Oswald was "taken in" by the Dallas Police Department on 11/22/63 due to the fact that LHO had lived in Russia from late 1959 to June 1962?

And does any person alive today actually believe Oswald was telling the truth when he said that it was, in effect, the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT that was turning him into the "patsy" for the murders he was accused of committing?

After all, when taking into account the ENTIRE hallway statement made by Oswald (and not just the last four words of it), if we're to take Sweet Lee at his LITERAL word when he said "I'm just a patsy", it could only mean that members of the DPD (not the Mob or David Ferrie or Clay Shaw or Santo Trafficante or Wilma Flintstone) were the people that Oswald said were framing him (i.e., making him the "patsy").

Lee Oswald was quite obviously telling a lie when he said that he had been taken in because of previously residing in the USSR (and I know of nobody who even disputes that fact, not even a hardline CTer)....which is a lie that SHOULD make people all the more suspicious about the four words that came out of the SAME MAN'S mouth just one second later ("I'm just a patsy").

But instead of making certain conspiracy-loving kooks suspicious, many CTers decided it was wise to hop aboard the "I'm Just A Patsy" bandwagon and declare Oswald to be a truth-teller with respect to those four now-famous words he uttered, despite the fact that even the kookiest of "Anybody But Oswald" kooks can admit that Oz's "Soviet Union" statement was an obvious and provable lie.


"Oswald's declaration...["I'm just a patsy"]...has been taken out of context by the conspiracy theorists, who want people to believe that when Oswald said he was just a patsy he was referring to being a patsy for the conspirators behind the assassination. But it appears from the context that he was not." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 841 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
June 8, 2008