(PART 244)


>>> "To play devil's advocate here: if the two Latino men at Odio's door were indeed conspiring with Oswald in September 1963 to kill the president, they may have gotten cold feet by November, and pulled out of the plot, leaving Oswald alone again. Or they may have gone as far as to offer to be Oswald's getaway car from the TSBD, but then may have gotten cold feet and driven away when police swarmed the TSBD after the shooting. I'm not suggesting that either of those events actually happened, though." <<<


Possibly. But I cannot totally buy into those "cold feet" scenarios.

Because, IMO, if Oswald had been "plotting" with ANYONE as far back as September '63, it's highly unlikely that he would have used his own traceable gun on November 22nd.

The fact that Rifle C2766 was used at all on 11/22/63 (and it most certainly was used; the front-seat bullet fragments found in the limousine prove this beyond all doubt) indicates that the assassination was practically a last-minute thought in Oswald's mind. (Again, "IMO".)

But then too, by the same token, Oswald did use his own traceable gun to try and kill somebody else months earlier (General Walker)....and we can assume he planned that murder attempt much farther in advance than his successful attempt against JFK in November.

In fact, it's my firm belief that Oswald bought the rifle via mail-order for the SPECIFIC purpose of murdering Edwin Walker with it just after he received it in the mail.

The Walker attempt, of course, was carried out in the dead of night, instead of in a book warehouse with hundreds of potential witnesses nearby. So in Oswald's mind, he might have thought that tracing the weapon back to him would be a virtually impossible task.

I've always kinda wondered, though, why Oswald didn't dispose of that rifle after the Walker murder attempt? Even though he didn't kill Walker, it still would have been wise for him to get rid of the gun so that it could never be found by the authorities in the future.

It's just too bad he didn't chuck that rifle in the trash. For if he had, President Kennedy might very well have lived to see a second term of office (assuming that Mr. Nuthatch Oswald wouldn't decide to spend another $21 on a second rifle from the Klein's catalog before November rolled around).

I'll admit, I could be totally wrong when I suggested that Oswald wouldn't have wanted to use his own traceable gun if he was conspiring with others months in advance of November 22.

It's hard to know what is going through the mind of a man who is contemplating the murder of the President of the United States. A mindset like that one is certainly far afield from what we could call "normal" or "average". (Thank goodness.)

But from everything we know about this strange guy, Lee Harvey Oswald was most certainly a kook...a screwball...a nutjob. And with credentials like that, it's difficult to know for certain what he's going to do from one day to the next. And we can never know what seemingly suicidal risks he might engage in either -- like deciding to take his own rifle to work one day in November and shoot at a passing President.

David Von Pein
May 29, 2008