(PART 254)


>>> "During the past 10 years nearly every piece of evidence the WC unearthed is questioned." <<<


And every single question brought up by the conspiracy-happy kooks
of the world with respect to that WC evidence (which is, of course,
really evidence that was "unearthed" mostly by the DPD and/or FBI, not
the WC itself) has had a satisfactory non-conspiratorial answer.

But conspiracy-thirsty people don't like those non-shady answers, so
they keep looking for conspiracy-filled answers to their questions
instead. And they'll always be able to find a CT-based "answer" too--
in their own minds, that is.

But CTers who "question" the raw LHO-DID-IT evidence in the JFK and
Tippit murders couldn't possibly matter less. Because that raw evidence
isn't going anywhere, and it certainly isn't going to suddenly CHANGE into
conspiracy-tinged evidence after 45 years, for Pete sake.

My question still is this --- When will a CTer come up with a solid
piece of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support their kooky conspiratorial
cause? When?

And the 2007 Spiegelman NAA report won't cut it for the CT crowd
either. That report is nothing more than a re-hash (for the most part)
of the earlier Randich/Grant study....and neither NAA study does
anything to prove that any of the 5 bullet specimens examined by
Vincent Guinn in 1978 came from bullets other than those fired from
Lee Oswald's rifle.

Anyone saying that the Spiegelman and/or Grant studies do accomplish
the much-sought-after proof that more than just Oswald's Mannlicher-
Carcano rifle was involved in JFK's murder are merely fooling
themselves into believing such an unsupportable thing.


The conspiracy theorists of Planet Earth, like they have been doing
for nearly 45 years now, are forced to believe in extraordinary
scenarios to account for WHY there is nothing but "Oswald Was Here"
evidence in this entire case (including J.D. Tippit's slaying)....with
those CTers creating their own theories from whole cloth, theories
that inexorably lead down the road marked: "The Evidence Has Been
Faked & Planted".

And make no mistake about it -- that particular "Lots Of Evidence Has
Been Faked" belief that many conspiracy theorists swear by IS, indeed,
an "extraordinary" one (not to mention extraordinarily silly, to boot).

Larry Sturdivan said it very well.....

"While one of the pieces of physical evidence could conceivably
have been faked by an expert, there is no possibility that an expert,
or team of super-experts, could have fabricated the perfectly
coordinated whole....with superhuman abilities to fake physical
evidence that is in complete agreement with all the other faked
-- Larry M. Sturdivan; Page #246 of "The JFK Myths"

David Von Pein
June 17, 2008