(PART 243)


>>> "DVP seems to assume that Oswald was notified in advance that he was to be the fall guy! "Get me another gun", etc." <<<


That's not the point at all. You missed the crux of it.

If Lee Oswald had been involved in an assassination plot against Kennedy in the weeks and months prior to 11/22/63 (as CTers certainly MUST believe was the case if they're going to fully believe Sylvia Odio's account of events)....and if we assume, for the sake of argument, that not ALL of these "plotters" were totally penniless or close to being destitute (as was pretty much the case with Oswald, who was earning a whopping $1.25 an hour in November of 1963)....

Then it becomes virtually impossible to believe that via such a pre-arranged MULTI-CONSPIRATOR plot that Oswald would have been forced to take his own traceable weapon into the Book Depository Building on the morning of the President's assassination.

And this is regardless of whether you want to believe Oswald was going to be used as the proverbial "patsy" after the murder. Because if Oswald was "in" on the plot, to ANY degree at all, he then surely must realize that he wouldn't be required to use his own cheap gun on a job this important. (Unless, as I said, ALL of Ozzie's cohorts in the plan are paupers too, like Oswald.)

And in reality, of course, Oswald could have very easily purchased for himself a better rifle prior to November 22nd. We know he had $185 on the morning of the murder, and he left $170 of this amount in Irving for Marina.

So, quite obviously, if LHO had contemplated the crime a little bit MORE IN ADVANCE (which he obviously did not, per the totality of evidence that indicates his plan to shoot JFK was practically a last-minute decision), he could have afforded a better gun with which to kill John Kennedy.

Which actually could bring up yet another sidebar argument in this same discussion about guns -- i.e., since we know that Oswald DID have almost $200 to his name prior to 11/22/63, and IF he had actually been involved with some Cubans named "Leopoldo" and "Angelo" (or whoever else you want to dream up as make-believe associates of LHO's), and IF this plan to murder the nation's President had really been in the works as far back as late September of 1963, then another logical question is:

Why didn't Oswald (or one of his cohorts in crime) go out and acquire a better weapon to use in this important "hit" on the President of the United States?

It just makes no sense if it was a pre-planned conspiracy dating all the way back to September.

But it DOES make a lot more sense for Oswald to use his 1940 Mannlicher-Carcano if he was a SOLO ACT on November 22nd....and if he had not planned out the assassination very far in advance.

The very fact that Lee Harvey Oswald's semi-crappy Carcano rifle was used to shoot at President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza (and it positively was used--with limo fragments CE567 and CE569 proving that fact beyond all doubt) is extremely strong evidence that Oswald was a LONE SNIPER in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

David Von Pein
May 29, 2008