(PART 249)


>>> "Dave, answer this one question truthfully: how did Ruby shoot LHO at 11:20 when the announced transfer time was 10:00 AM? I mean there was no announcement that things were behind schedule, so why would he show up at 11:20 when the trans[f]er was supposed to be at 10:00?" <<<


Well, Rob, that's kinda the WHOLE POINT in a nutshell -- i.e., Ruby DID think that the transfer had probably already taken place when he left his apartment at around 11:00 AM on Sunday; hence, Ruby didn't set out on Sunday to specifically murder Lee Oswald. Otherwise, Ruby WOULD have, indeed, been in place downtown by 10:00.

Hence the reason I said this in my initial post in this thread:

"Ruby being in a position to pull that trigger was via pure ordinary happenstance. And if the "conspirators" were THAT good, that they could make a pre-arranged "plot" equate in every way to "happenstance"....heck, they almost deserve to get away with it. Because such a beautifully-in-sync, choreographed performance (including that little "delay" caused by the patsy himself!) is just too good a performance to be spat upon indeed." -- DVP

>>> "More to the point, how was he ABLE to shoot LHO at 11:20 when the transfer was supposed to be at 10:00 AM? Did [it] really take LHO an hour and 20 minutes to change clothes?" <<<

Once again, the major point eludes the Rob-ster. Plus, it wasn't only the "change of clothes" that delayed the transfer (slightly), but more importantly in the "delay" department, there are the actions of U.S. Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, who just happened to go downtown on Sunday morning (after dropping his wife off at church) to see if he could help out Captain Fritz before Oswald was moved to the county jail.

Holmes' interrogation of Oswald is the thing that delayed the transfer the most. So, if there was a concerted, pre-arranged plot to stall around in some manner so that Ruby could do the job, you're going to have to paint Harry Holmes as a very, very key "conspirator" in this "delay" plot.

Do you really want to travel down the CT road marked: "Harry D. Holmes of the U.S. Postal Department was a major player in the plot to silence Lee Harvey Oswald"?

If you do wish to travel down that road, how about producing some evidence and/or some PROOF to show that Harry D. Holmes was something other than merely a post-office inspector who dropped by the city jail on the morning of November 24th to see if he could help out the DPD before they moved LHO.

David Von Pein
June 8, 2008