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>>> "JFK [was killed] on a day when the SS just happened to remove the motorcycle escorts from the side of the car." <<<


Which is an occurrence that took place in probably every pre-11/22/63 motorcade that JFK ever drove in, with the following photos providing just three examples (not a motorcycle in sight):

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to remove the general from the front seat of the car." <<<

As if a general riding between Greer and Kellerman would (or could) have prevented the assassination from taking place.

You're a kook.

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to leave the agent who would have been in the front of the running board on the President's side of the car at the airport." <<<

Here we have yet another pure CTer-created myth. SA Henry Rybka of the Secret Service was originally assigned by Emory Roberts to sit in the MIDDLE OF THE BACK SEAT of the SS follow-up car. He wasn't assigned to ride a running board at all.

And even if he had been so assigned originally...so what? Even without Rybka there, there was still an agent in the proper place on the right-front running board throughout the Dallas parade (John Ready).

Per Emory Roberts' report:

"Note: On shift report for Nov. 22, 1963, I listed SA Rybka as riding in center of rear seat, which was in error, as he was not in car. As mentioned above, he remained at Love Field." -- EMORY P. ROBERTS

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to stay up all the previous night drinking and carousing with hookers." <<<

This is yet another convenient excuse for CTers to ignore all the evidence of Oswald's lone guilt, as the CTers can then pretend that all (or most) of the eight Secret Service agents in the Queen Mary SS follow-up car were stone drunk at 12:30 PM on November 22nd when the motorcade turned onto Elm Street.

Apparently, if some agents hadn't been at "The Cellar" the previous night, everything would have turned out differently in Dealey Plaza. SS Agent John Ready would have leaped to JFK's aid at the sound of the first shot and spread-eagled himself over Kennedy's body just in time to save him.

Right, Gil?

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to stay off of the rear bumper of the limo." <<<

Which is something that occurred in probably EVERY Kennedy motorcade prior to November 22 too. The agents didn't constantly ride the bumpers of JFK's limo, you idiot. And the above photos indicate that they didn't always ride the bumpers. There's not a single agent on the President's bumper in any of those pictures.

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to move the motorcycle escorts to the back of the limo and then to tell the Dallas motorcycle officers at Love Field to "hold your position no matter what happens"." <<<

Better take another look at those photos above once again. There's not a single motorcycle riding right on top of Kennedy's car in those photos.

Ever wonder why, Gil?


In actuality, the Dallas motorcade (as we can easily see from a variety of photos) was no different than any other Kennedy motorcade whatsoever.

But it's best for conspiracy-loving idiots like Gil Jesus if they continue to totally ignore photographs like the ones I offered up in this post.

Because when they see such pre-11/22 pictures, what can CTers like Gil possibly say? Are they going to pretend that all of those pre-Nov. 22 pictures are "fakes" too (like they claim is the case with many of the 11/22 photos)?

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to order their agents not to move when the shooting started." <<<

You're a nutcase if you believe the above shit.

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to slow the limo down when the shooting started." <<<

And how many OTHER pre-11/22/63 motorcades involved people shooting at JFK (to use as a comparison to Greer's actions in the Dallas motorcade)?

>>> "On a day when the SS just happened to "casually look around" when the shooting started." <<<

And how many other pre-11/22 motorcades involved people shooting at JFK (to use as a comparison to the SS agents "casual" actions in the November 22 motorcade)?

>>> "And I haven't even started touching on the inconsistencies in the "evidence"." <<<

If those arguments are as paper-thin as the ones you've provided in this thread, then I think all LNers can rest easy.

>>> "I believe that a couple could be "coincidences", but when you put all of them together, there's no way that all of these occurances [sic] could have happened without being planned." <<<

I've just proved you wrong via my above responses.

Move on to another silly theory, Gil. This one regarding the Secret Service is more than moribund. It's already six feet under.

>>> "Kennedy's limo and the followup car are all by themselves. Like they were out on an island and no one around." <<<

Kind of like in this pre-Dallas instance too, huh?:

There was nothing about the Dallas motorcade's security measures that were substantially different or lacking (or "conspiratorial") when compared to any of the other motorcades that John Kennedy drove in prior to November 22nd. And you cannot prove there were any substantial differences. (And a general not riding in the front seat in Dallas doesn't qualify as "substantial", or "conspiratorial", if you ask me.)

>>> "And [Lyndon] Johnson's "commission"'s purpose was to rubber-stamp Hoover's investigation." <<<

So, then, why didn't the Warren Commission do that very thing you're suggesting? They didn't. They took 10 months to conduct their OWN investigation (with the help of the FBI, true, I don't deny that).

But if it was Johnson's desire from the GET-GO to have his Commission "rubber-stamp" Hoover's initial report (issued on December 9th), then WHY DIDN'T THE COMMISSION DO THAT VERY THING?

In fact, in Johnson's phone call to Richard Russell on 11/29/63 (which can be heard below), we can hear LBJ telling Russell that all that was going to be required of Russell and the other Warren Commission members WAS, indeed, to "evaluate a report" that was already being prepared at that time by the FBI. And Johnson is saying this ON TAPE.

Why, then, didn't the WC and its counsel members do that very thing suggested by Johnson himself (to Russell) on November 29th?

The logical answer to that last question, of course, is this:

The Warren Commission and its Counsel knew that the initial 12/9/63 FBI Report was not an in-depth enough of a report that the Commission could rely on to write its own final report on the assassination of an American President.

Therefore, seeing as how there wasn't any kind of cover-up being orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson or by J. Edgar Hoover or by anyone else in a position of power within the U.S. Government, the WC used its own best judgment (not President Johnson's) on how to handle the FBI Report.

And that best judgment was to not wholly rely on that FBI Report for the Commission's final conclusions. So an independent investigation was started by the Warren Commission.

Yes, the ULTIMATE final conclusion reached by the Warren Commission and its staff did align with the FBI's initial report from 12/9/63. But the reason for that alignment is quite simple -- Lee Harvey Oswald was, indeed, the lone assassin of President Kennedy (based on the sum total of the evidence in the case).

David Von Pein
May 27, 2008