(PART 239)


The HSCA wasn't full of a bunch of complete idiots (nor was the WC).
(Although the acoustics evidence, with the 11th-hour tacked-on "4th Shot"
is, IMO, not valid, but that's another matter altogether.)

But the WC and the HSCA obviously knew there WAS a "SBT" to be
extracted from that Zapruder movie.


Obviously a "SBT" was the only possible logical explanation given the
lack of any rear-seat limo damage (and lack of whole bullets recovered
from rear seats)...plus: given the lack of bullets in the body of JFK,
and the lack of ANY bullets being found elsewhere (car, hospital, Dealey
Plaza) that could have possibly represented the bullets that were inside
JFK had a bullet not gone completely through him.

Given these facts, there is no question there was just ONE single
bullet that went through Kennedy and on into Connally. And the WC and
HSCA knew this full well.

The WC/HSCA probably considered "conspiracy" for about three seconds,
pertaining to the SBT specifically, before rejecting the idea as impossible in
every conceivable, DOABLE way. There's no way these plotters could have
been THAT good, in other words -- to have eliminated all these bullets and/or
frontal wounds on two victims, and eliminate any limo damage that might
need to be eradicated; and for THREE shots to have aligned just nicely to
form the wounds on TWO victims like they would have had to do if THREE
gunmen had been firing instead of just one; and on and on and on.

Therefore, what is left is .... The Single-Bullet Theory SBT being the ONLY
answer to explain the evidence as it exists.

Regardless of what exact Z-Film frame the SBT equates to, the point is:
there IS a Z-Frame (somewhere in that film) that DOES equate perfectly
to the SBT. There is no way there's NOT such a Z-Frame given the
totality of the evidence regarding the initial wounding of both victims.

Both the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee did the
best they could when attempting to piece together the mystery of what
time the SBT occurred on the film (hampered greatly, quite obviously,
by that damn freeway sign).

Now, just WHY the obvious (IMO) involuntary Connally reactions were
apparently never noticed by anybody who looked at the film for the WC
and the HSCA, I cannot say. (Lousy copies used?)

But the digital copies we have now positively (IMO) point to a Z223-Z224
hit to John Connally. JBC's open-mouthed grimace and shoulder drop and
ultra-fast hat flip are, in my view, as close to positive proof as we're going
to find to verifying a bullet striking him at ANY point on the film.

There is no other point on the Z-Film that gives us THAT MUCH evidence
of a "hit" than do the frames just after Z223.

The WC and HSCA did get it right (overall) -- meaning: they were right
about only ONE bullet hitting both men simultaneously. They just didn't
have it pinpointed on the Zapruder Film with 100% accuracy.

But, in my opinion, we CAN now pinpoint the bullet strike:

Such a nutty "Erase All The Evidence Immediately After It Happens" plot
(as many CTers think did occur on 11/22/63) couldn't have possibly been
pulled off in a billion years -- and that's why, IMO, such a lamebrain,
doomed-to-fail "Patsy" scheme would never have been attempted in the
first place (unless the conspirators had a death wish themselves).

There would have been no possible way to control all of the bullet (and
wound-location) evidence five minutes after the assassination (especially
inside TWO victims -- the intended victim, JFK, plus a person they
obviously never meant to hit at all, JBC, who didn't require a "fake autopsy"
at the end of the day on November 22nd).

Somebody is gonna see something they shouldn't in all this confusion and
chaos just after it occurred (probably lots of people; i.e., non-plotters!) at
the place the plotters have got to know the President is going to be taken
just after the shooting -- a local Dallas hospital.

Such a plot to eliminate a sitting President is the same as asking to be
caught -- and is just plain dumb. (Especially when there were obviously so
many other better ways to eliminate the target, rather than doing it via a
crackpot "Patsy" plan, which includes the possibility of needing to eradicate
God knows how many bullets and wounds, and strong-arming God knows
how many military people, making them keep their mouths shut for the rest
of their lives. (And just the mere POSSIBILITY of these things occurring is enough to make any plotters put on the brakes when it comes to considering
this type of nutsville plan.)

Not to mention all the Dealey Plaza witnesses that such a plan is unfolding
in front of -- with many cameras filming the plotters' end results.

It's hilarious to think that anybody can actually believe any Presidential
assassins could possibly be that stupid and suicidal.

David Von Pein
May 23, 2005