(PART 248)


>>> "You are full of it, he [John Connally] heard JFK utter "I'm hit"..." <<<


Oh good! The kook is going to magically turn Roy Kellerman's testimony
into John Connally's testimony. Lovely. (And somehow the person who is
"full of it" is me. Go figure the massive irony there.)

John B. Connally NEVER, EVER said that he heard John F. Kennedy say
"I'm hit" or anything else (he didn't even hear him say, "That bastard
Oswald is shooting at me from the sixth floor!", which would, of course,
have been an accurate statement from President Kennedy's dying
lips). ;)

Rob, just how many times do you think you can just flat-out lie about
the evidence in this case? How many is too many times I wonder? 3,500?
6,000? Or is there no limit to the number of times you'll mangle the
evidence (whether it be on purpose or by just the fact you are ignorant
of the facts)?

>>> "My source [for John Connally being hit twice] is JBC saying he was NOT hit by the same bullet that hit JFK, thus, he was saying he was hit more than once as there is no way he had a chest wound and a broken wrist from the same bullet." <<<

Why in the world not?

We know a bullet pierced his upper back and came out his chest. So,
WHERE DID THIS BULLET GO if not into some OTHER part of JBC's body?
It certainly didn't go into another victim in the car (there were none).

And that bullet certainly didn't go into the limo's seats or floorboards.
No damage like that was found at all. (Robert Frazier's probably up to
his old lies again, right?)

So, where did that bullet go after it exited John Connally's chest if
NOT into John Connally's right wrist and then on into his left thigh?

(Let's watch as Rob The Kook invents some more "evidence" for us to
chew on regarding that last question.)

BTW -- Connally's wrist was almost certainly hit by Bullet CE399 just
milliseconds after Z-Film Frame #224, as we can easily see in these
toggling Z-Film clips, which show Connally's right arm (attached to
the same right wrist that Robby apparently thinks has not been injured
yet) flying upward, then down again, starting at Z226:

>>> "The doctors that worked on [Governor Connally] all said they had doubts one bullet caused all of this damage." <<<

And yet we still have Dr. Shaw telling the world on live television on
11/22/63 (after having operated on the Governor) that all of Connally's
injuries had likely been the result of "one bullet" hitting him (see the
video below). Go figure that.

>>> "If he was hit a[t] Z223 like the WC said..." <<<

Another error from the Error Machine known as "Robcap".

The Warren Commission never ever placed a definitive (single)
Zapruder Film frame number on the SBT. Never. They bracketed the
SBT timing, saying it occurred between frames Z210 and Z225.

And they were right too (even via 1964 investigative technology),
because the SBT very, very likely DID, indeed, occur within that
bracketed WC timespan (at precisely Z224, IMO).

>>> "...He [JBC] could not have turned so quickly as he does in the
film." <<<


Making shit up again, I see.


>>> "He [JBC] also could not have held his hat for 5 seconds after his wrist was broken." <<<

And yet we KNOW (via Nellie Connally's own words on this very subject)
that not only did John Connally hold onto that white Stetson hat for
"5 seconds" after his right wrist was struck by Oswald's Carcano
bullet, but we also know that he held onto that hat with his right

"He had the hat in his hand when I pulled him over and crouched him down and he was holding that hat up against him. He closed up that wound that would've killed him before we got to the hospital." -- Nellie Connally

>>> "The point is, he [John Connally] never accepted being hit by the same shot as JFK, therefore, he had to have been hit by multiple shots." <<<


Connally HAD to have been hit by more than one bullet simply because
he was NOT (per you and JBC) hit by the same bullet that hit JFK?

I think these three letters are required here:


And these three too:


>>> "Kellerman said he heard a flurry of shots at the end. How could there be a flurry of shots with a bolt-actioned rifle?" <<<

Kellerman's "flurry of shells" that he said entered the car at the
tail-end of the shooting was almost certainly the result of Kellerman
hearing the two bullet fragments (CE567 and CE569) striking the
windshield and chrome strip very near where Kellerman himself was
seated. And this "flurry of shells" (fragments) came from the one
single shot that hit JFK's head.

But I'm sure that you, Rob, like your scenario better....a scenario
that has several extra WHOLE BULLETS entering the car in a "flurry",
with only CE567 and CE569 (from LHO's gun) being found after the

Where did the bulk of these bullets from this "flurry" go after entering the
vehicle? Did they just vanish (like all other unwanted conspiracy-favoring
evidence in this whole case)? Prob'ly so, huh?


>>> "Question (again): WHEN did John Connally ever say it was his own belief that he had been hit "twice" by rifle fire in Dealey Plaza?" <<<


>>> "When he said the was NOT hit by the same bullet that hit JFK at Z220." <<<


Again -- what in the heck does Connally's non-belief in the SBT have to
do (in ANY way) with the NUMBER OF SEPARATE BULLETS that struck
Connally's body on November 22, 1963?

You're goofy.

And, btw, JFK wasn't hit at "Z220" either. The SBT bullet struck both
limo victims at Z224.

David Von Pein
June 3, 2008