(PART 252)


>>> "What reason would there be for Ruth Paine to write a phone number in her book regarding LHO?" <<<


If you would just take some time to actually read some of the facts (and testimony) regarding the matters you continually mangle beyond all recognition, you might find out.

But, since you apparently have no desire to do that, I'll have to:

In this particular instance, Lee Oswald phoned Ruth Paine in early October of '63 to give Ruth and Marina the phone number of the roominghouse at which he had rented a room from Mrs. Mary Bledsoe at 621 North Marsalis Street in Dallas....and probably the biggest reason for Oswald making that call to Ruth Paine was because LHO wanted Ruth or Marina to be able to quickly get in touch with him due to the fact that Marina was about to go into labor with the birth of the Oswalds' second child at any time. (The baby was born on October 20th.)

Just read the damned transcript, Rob. You'd be amazed at how much MORE stupid your theories turn out to be (if that's even possible at this stage of your silly kook game) after doing that little bit of reading.

Perhaps Robby will next theorize that the baby (Rachel Oswald) was "planted" in Marina's womb by evil conspirators in some manner too, for the purpose of enacting this meaningless charade carried out by Ruth Paine regarding the telephone number of Mary Bledsoe. (Wouldn't surprise me a bit...after all, this kook named Rob can't even figure out the fact that his precious patsy really did kill J.D. Tippit. With ignorance like that festering in his brain, anything that follows is possible.)

Anyway, here's the relevant testimony from Ruth Paine regarding telephone number WH2-1985:

Mr. JENNER - Yes; now, give it as chronologically as you can; how you came by that telephone number, the circumstances under which it was given to you.

Mrs. PAINE - He [LHO] said this is the telephone number.

Mr. JENNER - Was Marina present?

Mrs. PAINE - Yes. He said of the room where he was staying, renting a room, and I could reach him here if she went into labor.

Mr. JENNER - I see, the coming of the baby was imminent?

Mrs. PAINE - Yes.

Mr. JENNER - When was the baby expected?

Mrs. PAINE - Any time after the first week in October. Any time, in other words.

>>> "I see no reason for this woman [Ruth Paine] to be SO involved in their lives [LHO's and Marina's]." <<<

Classic Kook Logic here. Rob decides FOR RUTH PAINE what Ruth Paine should be "involved" in.

Don't ya love it when conspiracy-happy kooks try to think logically--and always fail in those attempts?

>>> "We know Ruth Paine is a liar as her actions speak volumes on this topic." <<<

What "actions" are you talking about, you freaking moron?

Ruth Paine has done NOTHING that would make any "reasonable" person suspicious of any of her hours and hours worth of Warren Commission testimony.

As usual, we've got an idiot (in this case Robert Caprio) calling a person an outright "liar" without a single shred of proof to back it up. Just meaningless accusations instead.

When looking up the word "disgrace" (the noun) in the dictionary, you'll probably find an 8x10 picture of Rob staring back at you.

>>> "Bledsoe was a scared, older lady, who did what she was told
to do." <<<

Rob wants to paint both Ruth Paine and Mary Bledsoe as "liars". Both of them. Rob thinks Paine lied (under oath) when she said that LHO called her and gave her his WH2-1985 phone number. And Robby goes further and insinuates that Bledsoe is also a liar when she said (under oath) that she knew Lee Harvey Oswald prior to 11/22/63 and that she had rented a room to him in October for $7 a week.

BTW, let's have a look at a few of the things that Robby is ready to call bald-faced "lies" with respect to Mary E. Bledsoe's Warren Commission testimony. Wasn't Mary nice to fill in these extra details about Lee Oswald and the circumstances surrounding her first coming into contact with him? These are all LIES, remember, according to Super-Moron Caprio:

MRS. BLEDSOE -- "The first time I ever saw him or heard of him [Lee Oswald], I was in the backyard doing a lot of yardwork. I come around the house and he was standing on the porch, and he said, "Do you have a room for rent?" I had a "for rent" sign out. I said, "Yes"; and he said, "May I see it?"; "Yes"; and then I was trying to size him up to get in that room...and I said, "Are you married?" And he said, "Yes, I am married. I just want this for a short time. My wife lives at Irving." And then we got inside the house and he had a thing where this--pictures of his wife and baby--and he said he was in the Marine Corps, and I tried to be nice to him, and so, he paid me $7."

Perhaps Robby should take a full look at Mary Bledsoe's testimony linked above too. But, then too, it wouldn't matter. Rob's mind is already made up (based on ZERO pieces of evidence--only based on his kook mindset about this case) that Mary Bledsoe is a liar. So reading her WC testimony would matter little, I surmise.

As stated previously (and it's still as true as ever) -- Robby is an LNer's dream come to (kooky) life. And he demonstrates this to be true every time he goes to the keyboard.

David Von Pein
June 15, 2008