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Let's watch Rob The Idiot try to wangle out of this one now. My guess is, the kook will resort to calling Ruth Paine a rotten liar too, i.e., Paine probably wrote [Mary Bledsoe's] number in her address book at a later date, in yet another effort, no matter how meaningless and needless, to frame the proverbial patsy named Lee Harvey. Don't disappoint me, Robby. Please call Mrs. Ruth Paine a rotten liar too. Because today's laugh is overdue.


>>> "She [Ruth Paine] could have written the number in after the assassination or she could have written [it] in to frame him." <<<

Thanks for making my prediction about you a reality, Robby-boy. (Not that I ever doubted my prediction for an instant.)

And thank you for not disappointing me. As I've said before, but it's worth repeating -- You, Robby, are an LNer's dream come true.

So deeply entrenched in "Patsy-ism" is Rob, that ANYONE who comes between Robby and his notion that Lee Oswald was set up and framed for two Dallas murders (Ruth Paine and Mary Bledsoe to name just two examples) is to be looked at sideways and is to be considered MORE of a "suspect" than the person to whom ALL of the evidence in the JFK case leads (LHO).

That's called "SUPREME C.T. PARANOIA". And Rob's got an advanced case of it.

>>> "It is a shame LHO wasn't there to give his side of the story [when Ruth Paine was telling the Warren Commission that she herself had been told by LHO that he was living at a residence where the phone number was WH2-1985]." <<<

And if that had happened, Oswald wouldn't have hesitated in the slightest degree to admit that he gave Bledsoe's phone number to Mrs. Paine (which he so obviously did do).


Because admitting that fact doesn't harm him in the slightest way with respect to whether or not he shot two people on November 22, 1963. His having lived on Marsalis St. under Bledsoe's roof is meaningless. Therefore, Oswald would have told the truth.

Ozzie only lied when it was about important stuff -- i.e., the stuff he HAD to lie about to distance himself from the physical evidence and the 2 guns he used to murder 2 men in Dallas.

Heck, he even lied about where he bought the gun he used to kill Tippit with. Even though he was caught red-handed with the Tippit murder weapon ON HIM in the theater, he still wanted to distance himself as much as humanly possible from that gun, sending the police on a wild goose chase by saying he had purchased the revolver in Fort Worth (instead of where we know he obtained it--via a Los Angeles mail-order company).

>>> "You have an address book that was given to the FBI and the WC,
so they could have added anything they wanted, likewise Paine writing
it afterward. This is proof of nothing. You need to learn the definition of proof. It is funny you mentioned the 'writing-[it]-in-later' part, as this
is probably what happened. This number is hardly proof LHO stayed
at Bledsoe's house and a good defense attorney would have shown
this." <<<

Rob doesn't give a shit about getting at the truth. He just wants to add more "suspects" to the growing list of people he thinks were lying their asses off after the assassination.

Robby just wants to add more cloudy, murky obfuscation and "question marks" to the mix. That's all. He now wants to believe that BOTH Mary Bledsoe and Ruth Paine (and maybe the FBI and WC too) are dirty, rotten liars, so that Rob (an Anybody-But-Oswald mega-kook, keep in mind) can then believe that Lee Oswald never rented a room from Mary E. Bledsoe in early October of 1963.

To use a single word to describe Rob's ultra-stupid beliefs --- Pathetic!

But if Robby actually had a desire to get at the real truth, he would be able to apply some degree of common sense to this matter regarding Bledsoe's phone number, and he'd then be able to see how silly it is to suggest that Ruth Paine wrote the number "WH2-1985" (Mary Bledsoe's home number) in her address book at some point after November 22 in order to try and "frame" Lee Oswald.

And Robby would be able to provide some proof that Ruth Paine lied under oath when she said that she wrote the number in her address book after being told the number by Lee Oswald HIMSELF in October 1963.

But Robby thinks that the defense (at LHO's trial, had it taken place) would actually WIN this particular argument regarding Bledsoe's phone number.

Rob thinks that Oswald's defense lawyers, by merely suggesting to the jury that either the FBI or Mrs. Paine COULD have conceivably written that phone number in that address book at some point in time after the assassination, would emerge victorious on this issue at Oswald's trial.

I.E., Rob is suggesting that the mere ALLEGATION of the frame-up itself somehow becomes the TRUTH, and that the allegation becomes BETTER EVIDENCE than Paine's under-oath testimony, which had her stating that she wrote down the telephone number (and later scratched out that same number when Oswald moved to Beckley Avenue) when she talked to Oswald on the phone and Oswald HIMSELF told her what the number was.

That's some screwy court of law you're placing your faith in there, Rob. It must be the CTers' favorite courtroom....you know the one, the "CHAFF TRUMPS WHEAT AND SPECULATION TRUMPS HARD EVIDENCE EVERY TIME" court of law.

Rob and his ilk live inside that courtroom each and every day of their lives, it would seem. And today is no exception I see.

>>> "Don't need to call her [Ruth Paine] that [a "rotten liar"], as her actions of those days speak for themself [sic]. We all know (the ones honest with ourselves) what she was." <<<

I sure do know what Mrs. Ruth Hyde Paine was -- she was (and is) a very honest and intelligent woman who told the unvarnished truth every minute she was giving testimony to the Warren Commission (testimony which covers a whole bunch of pages in the WC volumes).

You, Rob, however (being the "inconceivable kook" that you are), have no qualms or hesitation at all in painting Mrs. Paine as something other than a truth-teller and an honest person. And you, like other conspiracy theorists as well, have no hesitation in doing this without a STITCH OF PROOF to back up any such vile allegation against her.

As stated before -- Pathetic.


For more information and commentary about the person that Rob The Idiot is attempting to unjustly smear for no good reason whatsoever (and certainly without a shred of proof to back up his insane ideas about her), this webpage about Mrs. Ruth Paine might prove to be interesting reading.

I know I learned quite a lot about Ruth (and LHO and Marina and others too) by reading through all of Mrs. Paine's extensive Warren Commission sessions (and commenting on some of that testimony at the Internet site linked above).

And not ONCE in her testimony does Mrs. Paine, in my view, come across as disingenuous or a liar or as someone who was trying to hide any of the truth with respect to what she knew about Lee Harvey Oswald and the circumstances surrounding JFK's death.

David Von Pein
June 14, 2008