(PART 245)


Mr. "Robcap" [conspiracy theorist Robert Caprio], like all other conspiracy clowns of his "Anybody But Oswald" ilk, prefers his own unique brand of "evidence" over ANYTHING put forth by the Warren Commission and/or HSCA.

The WC and HSCA said that Kennedy was hit by just TWO bullets and that Connally was hit by just ONE bullet (the "SBT" bullet) -- and these bullets came only from behind the victims.

Naturally, since Rob MUST find some way to work an "Anybody But Oswald" plot into the mix (where none exists and never did), Robby must scoff at BOTH the Warren Commission's SBT conclusion AND the HSCA's conclusion that said the WC was right when the Commission said that one bullet went through both limo victims.

In other words, per the CTers like Robby, a kook's "evidence" is always better than the evidence and conclusions reached by the TWO OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS.

Also -- I'd like to see Robcap come up with a single quote from John B. Connally Jr. wherein he stated his belief that he was struck by more than one single bullet.

In Connally's famous news conference where he describes the shooting to the world, he says nothing about being hit by more than one bullet. In fact, he specifically used the words, "Then I felt the impact of the bullet [singular] that hit me."

Governor Connally uses those same words in this June 22, 1964, KRLD-TV interview:

Some conspiracy kooks want to stretch their anti-SBT theories to impossible-to-reconcile lengths of absurdity by claiming that not only was Kennedy hit by separate bullets in the back and throat...but that Connally ALSO was hit by MULTIPLE SEPARATE bullets.

This would make a minimum of FOUR shots and FOUR separate bullets that somehow merged into ONE for the Warren Commission (and the HSCA).

A miraculous "Four Bullets Funnel Down To One" scenario, wherein ALL of those four bullets vanish as well (assuming the kook purporting such crap believes that CE399 never hit anybody on Nov. 22, as almost all CT-Kooks do believe is the case).

Plus: The total amount of metal/bullet fragments that were taken out of (or left inside of) the two victims also just happens to be minuscule in total weight.

How likely is it that that kind of conspiracy scenario is true, just with respect to the incredibly small amount of metal being found in TWO victims if, in fact, they had actually been pelted by FOUR bullets (or 3, or even just 2 bullets) instead of only one that day?

Answer: It's not likely at all. In fact, when some common sense is applied to it, it's a conspiracy-flavored scenario that's just flat-out laughable in every single respect. (Another of which is the "Lack Of Injuries Inside JFK's Body That Would Have Caused TWO Bullets To Stop Without Exiting" respect as well.)

Such conspiracy-tinged revising of history (and abandoning of all common sense when dealing with the issue of the Single-Bullet Theory) is, and always shall remain, utter nonsense.

David Von Pein
June 1, 2008