(PART 213)


>>> "The point that [Dale] Myers seems to miss is that with John Connally's midline only 6 inches (15 cm) left of JFK's, a shot exiting .5 cm left of JFK's midline will strike no further right than 14.5 cm right of JBC's midline if the shot was straight through JFK at no angle. The wound was 20 cm right of JBC's midline. .... The bullet simply cannot hit JBC in the right armpit." <<<


This is just silly, Andrew. You're acting as if Connally was NOT turned to his right at all when he was shot. But via Dale Myers' detailed analysis, JBC was turned 37 degrees to his right when he was shot in the back. (See this webpage.)

Obviously, if Connally is turned quite a bit to his right (~37 degrees), this is going to change any "midline" of JBC from the shooter's POV in the Book Depository. Oswald shot a TURNED-IN-HIS-SEAT John Connally, not a Connally who was sitting squarely in his seat with his shoulders parallel to the trunk of the car.

Another visual (via Dale Myers' "Secrets Of A Homicide" animation project):

>>> "Until Myers explains this by telling us what he is using for the angle from the sniper's nest to JFK, and what he is using for the separation between the two men, why would anyone accept his conclusion?" <<<

I can answer those questions (as can anyone else who has bothered to read the information available at Mr. Myers' website):

Dale is using a survey map of Dealey Plaza, detailed blueprints of the Texas School Book Depository Building, and the original body draft of SS-100-X (JFK's 1961 Lincoln limousine). .....


And Dale, of course, as everybody also knows, used the Zapruder film. Dale has, in effect, extracted 3-dimensional information from Zapruder's two-dimensional motion-picture film.

All of this is fully explained, in great detail, on Mr. Myers' site.

In short, the Single-Bullet Theory fits every last piece of physical evidence in the JFK case, including the Zapruder Film (to an absolute TEE it "fits" the Z-Film, without a shred of a doubt; CTer scoffing notwithstanding, naturally).

And, as I've shouted from the cyberspace rooftops a hundred times previously, to believe that the SBT is a falsehood is, by default, to believe in some kind of anti-SBT scenario to explain the simultaneous wounding of JFK and JBC that is inevitably far more illogical and unsupportable than is the single-bullet conclusion.

Why more conspiracists fail to realize that the above paragraph is 100% accurate can only make me shrug my shoulders incessantly in bewilderment.

David Von Pein
May 3, 2008