(PART 199)


>>> "You know that Bugliosi praises Lifton for his research abilities and that his criticism of Lifton stems from his unorthodox conclusions." <<<


In my opinion, Vince is far too kind to Mr. Lifton and his "research abilities", especially when we consider the insane theory that was spawned and endorsed by Lifton via his "research". VB must have been in a super-good mood the day he wrote the nice things that he penned in his book about Mr. Lifton.

But Bugliosi also gets down to the bottom-line brass tacks of the matter when he makes these statements about David L.:

"One theory that perhaps "takes the cake" is set forth by conspiracy author David Lifton in his book "Best Evidence". .... Out of his 747 pages, [Lifton] unbelievably devotes no more than 6 or 7 full pages, if that, to Oswald. .... One could safely say that David Lifton took folly to an unprecedented level. And considering the monumental foolishness of his colleagues in the conspiracy community, that's saying something." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 1057, 1058, and 1066 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "You know that neither Bugliosi nor Myers has come forward denying Lifton's account of their "partnership". So, what's not to believe?" <<<

I guess Rosemary Newton's word (seen here) isn't nearly good enough, huh?

Plus: Vince fully acknowledges Dale Myers' "noteworthy writing contributions" -- right there at the top of Page 1515 of "Reclaiming History" -- up front and in black-and-white for all to see. So there's nothing to "deny" at all. Vince is TELLING his readers that a portion of the book's writing was contributed by Dale K. Myers. And other portions by Fred Haines.

>>> "Is David Lifton innately unreliable? Has he ever been caught in a big fat fib, such as the fib told by Myers? If so, please tell us about it." <<<

Trick question, Pat?

Well, okay, I'll bite.....

"About two years after 'Best Evidence' was published, I in fact realized there was a much more significant moment in time for getting the body out of the coffin, and that was the brief period when the coffin was already aboard the plane, and the entire Kennedy party was down on the tarmac. And today, that is when I think that event actually occurred. How they got the body off the plane is another matter." -- David S. Lifton; November 15, 1997

Oh, and then there's this more recent "big fat fib" (which is a total lie that I've yet to hear Lifton retract):

"I read the sections [of Vincent Bugliosi's book] on Garrison this morning, and there’s absolutely no question in my mind that the hundred-page section on Garrison [it's actually 90 pages, to be exact] was written by Patricia Lambert. Now, whether Bugliosi entered with his blue pencil and changed some paragraphs or did some editing--no question about it--it was written by her. I’m telling you that I know writing styles--it’s like a fingerprint when you do this stuff and I recognize the writing style and I certainly recognize the writing style of somebody I’ve known for twenty-five years and who did editorial work with me and for me." -- David S. Lifton; May 24, 2007

Do you need a larger example of a "big fat fib" uttered by Mr. Lifton than the one displayed above regarding Ms. Lambert, especially after reading Pat Lambert's July 2007 response to the charge made by Lifton?

David Von Pein
April 21, 2008