(PART 211)


>>> "There are mountains of evidence that this was a conspiracy, the head snapping backward being the most crucial of all." <<<


And if you'd stop to think about it for just two seconds, you'd HAVE to conclude this:

It doesn't make a bit of difference HOW the President's head behaved after being struck by the bullet.


Because it's a verified and proven-beyond-all-doubt scientific FACT that President Kennedy was hit in the head by just ONE bullet--and that bullet entered from BEHIND.

Therefore, given this irrevocable fact, it doesn't matter if JFK's head were to have spun around 40 times after the bullet hit him, the end result would still be exactly the same -- One bullet entered John Kennedy's cranium FROM THE REAR.

Done deal.

Plus, there's the further undeniable fact of JFK's head moving FORWARD at the most critical moment in the head-shot timeline--i.e., the INSTANT OF THE BULLET'S IMPACT.

And this is a "moving forward" fact that many conspiracists still seem to want to deny (or ignore) even to this day....and even with crystal-clear PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence to show the head of the President being driven forward at impact (via the slow-motion Zapruder Film clip below):

>>> "And then, of course, there is the magic bullet theory. What kind of person would believe such ridiculous nonsense?" <<<

Typical conspiracy theorist. Latch onto chaff and ignore the wheat field in front of his/her nose. The only way the SBT is NOT true is to believe in some stuff that is much, much more unbelievable (and filled with "nonsense") than is the SBT. Why CTers don't realize this basic fact is simply amazing. But none of them do seem to realize it. (Go figure.)

David Von Pein
May 2, 2008