(PART 209)


>>> "Even though DVP is a cowardly liar who continually refuses to support his own words..." <<<


Ben The Kook evidently wants to think that all of the things I listed
earlier are dead wrong. Well, here they are again:

1.) JFK was shot in the upper back by one (approx.) 6.5-mm bullet.

2.) X-rays revealed that no bullets or bullet fragments of any kind
remained in JFK's neck and upper-back regions (or anywhere else in his
body either, not counting the head).

3.) No significant-enough damage was done to any part of President
Kennedy's neck or upper-back regions to explain why a bullet,
presumably travelling at full velocity (and why we would assume
anything else here), would suddenly stop all forward motion after
striking only the soft tissues of Kennedy's upper back. (Although,
yes, Dr. Humes did initially speculate that a bullet had, indeed,
possibly stopped after travelling just a few inches into the soft
tissues of JFK's upper back. But that's all Humes COULD do at that
point in time, i.e., speculate about just such an unlikely occurrence,
given the fact that the doctors couldn't find a corresponding exit
wound for the bullet, and given the fact there wasn't a bullet to be
found in the body.)

4.) Even if a full tracking/dissection of the neck area had been done
at the autopsy, Humes (et al) still would probably not have known for
certain that the trach wound in JFK's throat masked a bullet hole
until the following morning after Dr. Humes spoke with Parkland doctor
Malcolm Perry.

Now, in hindsight, yes, it would have been nice if the Kennedy family
hadn't interfered (to some degree) with the autopsy. And it would have
also been nice (to keep the CTers' yaps shut about it) if the autopsy
had been performed by Dr. Rose under Dallas County jurisdiction.

But these things didn't happen, and we must deal with them as best we
can. The Kennedy family, by all accounts, did interfere with the
autopsy and pose certain restrictions and limitations on what was to
be done by the autopsists. And Kennedy's body was removed from Dallas
(technically against the law, yes).

But it was Kenny O'Donnell and Larry O'Brien who ultimately were
responsible for bulldozing that casket out of the Parkland corridors.
And if some conspiracy kooks want to pretend that both O'Donnell
and O'Brien, two trusted friends and aides of JFK, were part of some
crazy cover-up plot after the assassination -- well, let 'em think that.
It certainly won't be the first time a conspiracy nut has theorized about
something stupid and insane.

>>> "His [DVP's] question, of course, is in answer to my two questions -- which, unfortunately, he must have proven too cowardly to address. Here they are again: [1.] Why was dissection of the bullet track, and neck wound, forbidden to the prosectors?" <<<

Already fully answered by Dr. Pierre A. Finck himself [HERE] -- the Kennedy family requested certain limitations on the autopsy. Period. Done deal. Mark VII. Go home. Give it a rest.

Why does this need to be stated to Kook Ben over and over again? Why?

But, one more time for the CTer sitting in the top row of Kook Stadium:

DR. FINCK -- "There were restrictions coming from the [Kennedy] family
and we were told at the time of autopsy that the autopsy should be
limited to certain parts of the body. For example, autopsy limited to
the head and modest extension but there were restrictions. .... From
what I remember we did not remove the organs of the neck because of
the restrictions."

>>> "[2.] Why were they allowed to dissect the chest incisions, which were clearly *not* bullet wounds, but not allowed to dissect the bullet wounds?" <<<

And one MORE time for Kook Benji:

"From what I remember we did not remove the organs of the neck
because of the restrictions." -- Pierre A. Finck; 1978

>>> "Now, considering that I fully and completely answered his question -- does anyone really think that DVP will answer the two original questions that he's already proven to have ducked?" <<<

Already been answered. Many times, in fact. And answered by many
different people over the years too. Benji just simply doesn't like
the "Kennedy Family Interfered" answer.

I guess Ben wants to pretend that the "Kennedy Family Interfered"
answer is wrong....or: that RFK and Jackie were prime conspirators in
the covert plot to cover-up the true nature of JFK's wounds.

Ben has no choice but to believe in one of those two options I just
offered up above (if Ben wants to believe that the lack of neck
dissection on JFK's body leads to something shady and "conspiratorial",
that is).

I wonder which of those two incorrect CT-favoring options Ben The Kook
will choose. Any chance he'll tell us? Or would he rather remain a
pussy hiding behind his "killfilter" for at least one more day? Even
though his "filter" is just a pussy excuse to hide when he feels like
hiding, of course; since, as we just saw, the Mega-Kook responded to
me (an LNer who has been "killed" by Pussy Ben) with a long rant a
little bit ago.



"The reality is that technically speaking, the autopsy was not a “complete” one, since the neck organs were not removed (7 HSCA 191–192).

"While reviewing the autopsy report the morning of November 24, 1963, Dr. Finck told Dr. Humes that he didn’t think the box next to “complete autopsy” should be checked because their examination was confined to the head and chest, largely owing to the wishes of the Kennedy family.

"Humes disagreed, saying that the box for “complete autopsy” should be checked because the autopsy had accomplished its objective—to determine the number and direction of the bullets and the cause of death. Finck subsequently conceded and signed the report. (AFIP Record 205-10001-10002, Memorandum, Dr. Finck to Brigadier Gen. J. M. Blumberg, Personal notes on the Assassination of President Kennedy, February 1, 1965, p.4; also ARRB MD 28; ARRB MD 30, Transcript of Dr. Finck’s testimony before the HSCA medical panel, March 11, 1978, p.110)"
-- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 221 of Endnotes in "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
April 30, 2008