(PART 202)

E-Mail Subject: Some JFK Chatter
Date: 4/19/2008
From: David Von Pein
To: Walt Brown


Hi Walt,

My name is David Von Pein, and I have studied the JFK assassination
for quite a few years now, and I am a firm believer in Lee Harvey
Oswald's sole guilt in the 2 murders he was charged with committing in
November of 1963.

I think I might have even talked with you a few years ago via e-mail
regarding a review of mine at Amazon.

I listened to your radio appearance on Black Op Radio this week, and
I'm just curious to know something relating to your accusation that
Lee Oswald couldn't possibly have learned how to speak Russian---

Are you implying that ALL of the many people with whom we know Oswald
conversed in Russian are/were liars? (Or were duped by an imposter?)

This group would include Ruth Paine, Marina Oswald, and some of the
men who served in the Marines with LHO, including Nelson Delgado:

Mr. DELGADO - He tried to teach me some Russian. He would put out a whole phrase, you know. In return for my teaching him Spanish, he would try to teach me Russian. But it's a tongue twister.

Mr. LIEBELER - You didn't have any understanding of the Russian language?

Mr. DELGADO - No. Basically I wasn't interested in it. In order to learn a language, I think you have to be motivated. You have to have a desire to use this language, you know, and I had no need to learn Russian. And just the reverse of him.

Or are you implying that the "Lee Oswald" who spoke Russian with some
degree of proficiency while in the presence of these people (Delgado,
Ruth Paine, Marina, and others) wasn't the "Lee" who we saw in the DPD
corridors and who mispronounced the word "ask" (as "axe") on live TV?

I'm just curious as to how anyone can believe that Lee Harvey Oswald
(who we know was an avaricious reader, including a lot of Russian
newspapers and magazines) was incapable of speaking a language
(Russian) which we KNOW beyond all doubt that he did learn to speak
(via a host of witnesses who can verify to that fact)?

Anyway, I just thought I'd shoot you an e-mail today, since the
Black Op show was fresh on my mind. I enjoyed listening to you on that
radio broadcast. I disagree with you regarding just about every single
thing connected with the JFK murder case....but I'm sure that will
come as no bolt from heaven, considering I identified myself at the
top of this mail as a firm believer in the lone-assassin conclusion
reached by the Warren Commission.

But I'd enjoy talking about the case with you some more. I've written
fairly extensively about the assassination on the Internet, and I'd like
to think I've interjected at least a little bit of common sense in my
analysis of the case. If you ever feel like jotting me an e-mail sometime,
feel free to do so.

BTW, you'd enjoy arguing your Tippit murder timeline with some of the
conspiracy theorists who populate the Google Groups forums. They would
hate you for claiming that J.D. Tippit was still alive as late as 1:11 PM
(via the "Top Ten" phone call).

The rabid theorists I talk to apparently are of the opinion that Helen
Markham had a clock hovering over her head (linked to "Coordinated
Universal Time") as she approached 10th & Patton on Nov. 22nd....and
the clock showed "1:06 PM" at the moment Tippit was gunned down. This
is how certain these CTers are of Mrs. Markham's "1:06" timestamp for
the death of Officer Tippit.

Hilarious, I know. That's one of the main reasons I visit those
forums...for my daily laugh. ;)

Anyway, nice chatting with you.

David Von Pein


E-Mail Subject: RE: Some JFK Chatter
Date: 4/20/2008
From: Walt Brown
To: David Von Pein


Hi David,

While we disagree as to "basics," I've always held that I would
steadfastly defend your rights and mine to say what we thought. I've
also steadfastly placed precious little credibility in Helen Markham,
and even less at people who have nothing better to do than propose
bizarre ideas (at no cost to a publisher, who would only risk investment
in reality) on websites to stir idle chatter, not academic debate.

As for Oswald and Russian, I'd be cautious about putting all eggs in
the Nelson Delgado basket, simply because he did not speak Russian so
"Oswald" could have said to him, "Your mother jumped in the swimming
pool to harvest pumpkins," and Delgado would not have known better.

I can assure you that I am proficient in languages and Russian is a
massive challenge, not just to speak, but to be able to translate
others who are speaking at a very rapid rate, plus the ability to read
and write, as not even upper case and lower case are similar. They
are different in English; they're vastly different in Russian.

I'd offer two suggestions: go to the Warren volumes and find the
report cards for "Oswald, Lee" for September through December, 1954.
As a former teacher, I know there are approximately 70 school days in
that time continuum. "Lee Harvey Oswald" was present for 64 days
during that term in a school in New York City. "Lee Harvey Oswald"
was also present for 67 of those days in a school in New Orleans. One
of those chaps could speak Russian.

As for "reading" Russian newspapers, anybody can "hold onto" a
newspaper and create the mindset among others that the paper is being
read. If you see someone reading a French newspaper, you're not going
to be foolish enough to approach them and ask if they actually DO read
French; it's assumed. There's the rub.

So teach yourself Russian and meet me next July near 38 Uspenskaya
Street in Sevastapol--it's beautiful in the summer--and we'll chat in
Russian. If you can't learn Russian in your spare time, don't assume
LHO did, because he could never have written anything as articulate as
what you wrote to me.

Be well, and don't worry about JFK. You have your beliefs and you're
entitled. Do something good for mankind and don't waste your time on
the wingnuts. You can't change them.

Walt Brown


E-Mail Subject: RE: Some (More) JFK Chatter
Date: 4/21/2008
From: David Von Pein
To: Walt Brown


Hi again Walt,

Thanks for the return e-mail.

But what about the people who HEARD and SAW "Lee Oswald" speak Russian
-- The Paines, Marina, The DeMohrenschildts, plus possibly multiple
other non-Delgado Marines who served with Oswald in the Marine Corps?

Were all of these various people duped? Or are they all to be considered
liars and/or after-the-assassination cover-up agents of some ilk?

Plus, there are Oswald's many letters which were handwritten BY Lee
Oswald in Russian (per the handwriting experts). That's a lot of
Russian dialogue--written by Oswald (which would equate to those
letters, in effect, being spoken by Lee Oswald himself).

Is Commission Exhibit 61 a "fake" of some kind?

CE61 is a letter written by "Alek" to Marina in Russian. I'm certainly no
handwriting expert, but I've seen lots of Oswald's written correspondence,
and I can tell from just a cursory look at CE61 that that document was
almost certainly written by the real Lee Harvey Oswald. (If it wasn't, then
the "Oswald" who faked it has a tremendous talent for forging a person's
writing to make it look like the Real McCoy.)

Sorry, Walt, but you don't have a leg to stand on regarding your claim
that Lee Oswald couldn't have possibly learned the Russian language--
because it's so obvious (via more than one means of verification) that
he did speak that language (hard to learn though it is)...and he spoke
it fairly well.

Keep well.

David Von Pein
April 2008