(PART 204)


>>> "Isn't that a clever deception?? The photo supports Hoover's contention that the rifle could be easily disassembled into just two pieces. .... J. Edna Hoover knew how to fool the uninformed. .... Simple minds are fooled by simple tricks." <<<


Oh sure....as if ol' J. Edgar would have had the SLIGHTEST desire to
want to frame a totally INNOCENT Lee Harvey Oswald after the
assassination -- i.e., a person (Oswald) that the FBI knew was in
Dallas....and a person (Oswald) who was also known by Hoover's own
Bureau (as of November 5, 1963, at least) to be working in a building
that overlooked the November 22 motorcade route.

Hoover would not only NOT have wanted to pin the whole blame for the
assassination on this guy named Oswald (if Hoover had really believed
Oz was innocent)....but Hoover, instead, would have no doubt been
desperately trying to CLEAR Oswald of any suspicion in Kennedy's
murder, due to the fact that J. Edgar's own Bureau would, if Oswald
were to be proven guilty, be frowned upon for all time for not keeping
a more watchful eye on this bird named Oswald on the day the President
was killed.

And many people, in retrospect, do think that Hoover's Dallas Bureau
(mainly Mr. Hosty) was greatly to blame for not keeping better tabs on
LHO in November '63.

In short, the theory that has J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI boys attempting
to help frame an innocent Lee Harvey Oswald following JFK's murder is a
theory that can be best described in one single word --- Ridiculous.

And, btw, you can't "frame" a GUILTY person, of course. You can only
"frame" an INNOCENT person for a crime. So it would have been literally
impossible for Mr. Hoover (or anybody else) to "frame" Lee Oswald for
the JFK and Tippit murders.


Because Oswald, quite obviously (based on all of the hard evidence)
committed both of those murders.

Certain conspiracy kooks want to believe that Hoover's boys (and
others in the DPD, too, evidently) "manufactured" all of that "hard
evidence" that's on the table in the JFK/JDT crimes. But common sense
(alone) is saying otherwise:

"While one of the pieces of physical evidence could conceivably
have been faked by an expert, there is no possibility that an expert,
or team of super-experts, could have fabricated the perfectly
coordinated whole...with superhuman abilities to fake physical
evidence, that is in complete agreement with all the other faked
-- Page 246 of "The JFK Myths" by Larry M. Sturdivan

>>> "IF Oswald made that book wrapper...Where did Oswald fabricate
it?" <<<

Nobody can know for sure where Oswald assembled the bag/"gun case".

In my earlier posts, I was merely offering up the only TWO reasonable
possibilities regarding this topic---

1.) Oswald taped up the bag while in the TSBD.


2.) Oz took the loose pieces of brown paper somewhere else and taped
up the bag somewhere besides the TSBD Building.

The third option -- Oswald never made any gun case out of brown paper
at all
-- is not a viable one.


Because based on the sum total of all the evidence in the case, we can
know beyond all reasonable doubt that Lee Oswald was performing a SOLO
ACT on November 22nd.....and therefore, since the paper bag (with
LHO's prints on it) beneath the SN window was almost certainly used to
smuggle Oz's rifle into the building, it must mean that Oswald (at
some point in time) fashioned the handmade bag for the purpose of
taking his rifle to work.

David Von Pein
April 27, 2008