(PART 196)


Per this schematic, the jump seat on the right side of the limo was "2.50 inches" from the right door (and the left jump seat was "2.25 inches" from the left door).


Huh? Why would there be any difference? Why not symmetry?


Beats me. Go ask the HSCA, or somebody from Hess & Eisenhardt.

Are you saying that this HSCA exhibit showing the limo chart is fake or incorrect in some way? If not, what's your point?


The SBT cannot work at all if you think Myers is correct about the MIDLINES being a difference of 6 inches.



Myers' SBT works perfectly...because it's so obviously true.

Bullet CE399 exited JFK's throat. We know that. That is a fact--beyond any and all doubt (except to rabid CTers).

And we know that that bullet coming out of Kennedy was heading downward at an angle of approximately 17.7 degrees (or 20.2 degrees downward based on CE895, which depicts the trajectory from the sixth-floor window to the limo at Zapruder frame 225, with the 3-degree slope of the road being factored in).

Therefore, that bullet almost certainly HAD to have done one of two things -- either hit John Connally in the back or hit the limousine.

It didn't hit the limousine. We know that. Therefore, it struck John Connally.

So incredibly simple...yet so amazingly complicated when a conspiracy theorist gets ahold of the very same information.

Allow me to quote Tom Canning of NASA (at 2 HSCA 192):

"The bullet [that exited JFK's throat] would have had to have been substantially deflected by passing through the President in order to miss the Governor. It seems almost inevitable that the Governor would be hit with the alinements that we have found." -- Thomas Canning; 09/12/78


How did the FBI, SS and the WC itself before May 1964 come to the conclusion of three shots, three hits with Kennedy and Connally being hit by separate bullets? There was no need for any damn stinkin' SBT.


I've often asked myself that same question, Tony. The FBI and Secret Service, prior to the 5/24/64 re-creation of the shooting, should still have been able to see the probability of only one bullet (CE399) hitting both victims. But, they obviously did not see it (until May '64).

Why didn't they see it? Beats me. But, anyway, the SBT (based on what we NOW know) is probably the most OBVIOUSLY TRUE scenario connected to the whole JFK murder case. (Plus the obviousness of Lee Oswald's guilt in two murders on Nov. 22.)


Been there, done that.


Not nearly good enough (evidently) -- because the Single-Bullet Theory is still the obviously correct scenario for the simultaneous wounding of President Kennedy and Governor Connally in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on 11/22/63 AD.

~Mark VII~

Sorry, Tony. But common sense will always trump bullet-vanishing conjecture put forth by conspiracy promoters. And that fact was never truer than with respect to the assassination sub-topic of the Single-Bullet Theory.

David Von Pein
April 20, 2008