(PART 206)


>>> "It was the type of tape that is dispensed from a "wet" machine; so he [LHO] couldn't take tape with him." <<<


You are right about this particular "wet machine" point. (I'll admit, I haven't memorized every last word ever spoken by witnesses about the TSBD tape dispenser.)


DAVID W. BELIN -- "If I wanted to use any of that tape, you know the tape you use to seal it, is there a way to make the tape wet so I don't have to lick it myself with my tongue to make it wet and sticky? Or how do you get it to be sticky and stick together?"

TROY E. WEST -- "Well, we have those machines with the little round ball that we fill them up with water, and so we set them up. .... We put out tape in a machine, and whenever we pull the tape through...it gets water on it as we pull it through."

MR. BELIN -- "If I wanted to...pull off a piece without getting water on it, would I just lift it up without going over the wet roller and get the tape without getting it wet?"

MR. WEST -- "You would have to take it out. You would have to take it out of the machine. See, it's put on there and then run through a little clamp that holds it down, and you pull it, well, then the water, it gets water on it."


But even with the "wet" tape machine being used at the Depository, Oswald could still have taken some dry pieces of tape (or a roll of the tape) from the TSBD, and then "wet" the tape somewhere else, such as in the Paine garage. That scenario is far from being impossible or beyond all belief.

>>> "Why didn't Wes Frazier mention the noise of a disassemble[d] gun in a bag as proof it was a gun and not curtain rods?" <<<


Whether the package contained "curtain rods" or the item that it so obviously did contain (Oswald's dismantled Carcano rifle), the contents of the bag would still possibly result in the clanking of metal against metal.

You're really sounding desperate now in your desire to clear the name of your favorite guy named Lee. One can only wonder why so many kooks around here expend so much energy in inventing so many ways to try and exonerate a double-killer? A remarkably silly hobby, to say the least.

>>> "Do you think [it] would have made no noise as LHO carried it and laid it down on the back seat? Or when Wes made turns in the car?" <<<

You're reaching (again).

For one thing, Frazier wasn't even present at the car when Oswald placed the bag in the back seat. Wesley was still inside his house at that time.

And you think the rifle parts would be clanking like bowling pins in a bowling alley (or something similarly noisy) as a result of Wesley Frazier turning some corners in his '53 Chevy?

You're reaching (yet again).

Plus: Even if Wesley were to hear some "metal against metal" sounds coming from the bag--so what? He thinks there IS something metal (curtain rods) in the paper bag. Was Wesley supposed to be able to detect a rifle in the bag, merely via the SOUND of the metal clanking?

Robby, just admit it -- you're desperate to clear the name of your hero. The bigger question is -- Why?


BTW, there's another very good reason to know beyond all reasonable doubt that Lee Oswald was telling a whopper of a lie when he told Buell Wesley Frazier that he wanted to go to Irving on Thursday in order to retrieve some curtain rods.

That reason is:

Because Lee Oswald (via Marina's testimony) was very hopeful that he could convince Marina to move back to Dallas with him the very next day (November 22).

Therefore, it's fairly obvious that LHO had no intention whatsoever of remaining at his Beckley Avenue roominghouse very much longer at all. Therefore, he would certainly not be wanting (or needing) any curtain rods for a room that he knew he would probably very soon be vacating!

David Von Pein
April 28, 2008