(PART 207)


>>> "It seems that [Pat Speer's] explanation for the bullet found on the stretcher was that it fell out of Kennedy's back wound. It seems patently obvious that that couldn't have been the case since a bullet that had stopped so quickly would have been damaged far more, and in a far different manner, than the bullet that was found." <<<


Yes. Plus there's the simple fact that JFK's stretcher was never in an
area of the hospital where the bullet was found by Darrell Tomlinson.
Nor was Kennedy's body ever in that area of the hospital where the
bullet was found.

Which has to mean (sans any silly unsupportable "planting" theory as
an alternative) that CE399 had to have been found on Connally's
stretcher -- which further solidifies the SBT...and in two additional
ways really.

One of the ways being: Connally was hit by only one bullet--which HAD
to be CE399, since 399 HAD to have come off Connally's stretcher,
seeing as how it could not possibly have come off of the stretcher
occupied by the ONLY OTHER PERSON hit by ammunition from Oswald's
rifle on 11/22/63--John F. Kennedy.

The second way being: The bullet (CE399) couldn't have gotten into
Connally unless it passed through JFK's body first (given the vantage
point of Oswald's shooting perch on the 6th Floor of the Depository,
and the time when the men were being shot in their respective upper
backs, via the Zapruder Film).

JFK's body was between Oswald and Connally at this crucial "SBT" time.
There is no question about that fact, and the FBI's reconstruction
tests in Dealey Plaza on May 24, 1964, confirmed this fact.

Plus, the image below (taken from Dale Myers' "Secrets Of A Homicide"
computer animation project, which is a computer model that has been
"Key Framed" right into the Zapruder Film itself) also verifies the fact
that there would have been no chance in Hades of a gunman in the
TSBD's Sniper's Nest being able to hit John Connally with a separate
bullet (in the location on JBC's upper back where we KNOW HE WAS
HIT) at the point in time when the Zapruder Film indicates he was
hit by a bullet:

Therefore, given these basic and extremely-easy-to-determine facts,
the bullet that struck Connally had NO CHOICE but to have gone through
the body of President Kennedy first.

William of Occam (and his handy Razor) should rule this case, instead of
theorists like Mark Lane, Bob Groden, Oliver Stone, David Lifton, Jim Fetzer,
and John Armstrong (et al).

David Von Pein
April 28, 2008