(PART 210)


>>> "Dr. Clark, who declared Kennedy's death, believed Kennedy's large head wound was a tangential wound of both entrance and exit, and that the throat wound was either an entrance of the bullet exiting the skull, or an exit of a piece of bone from the head wound. This suggests he was open to the idea there were two head wounds as well, and that a bullet had descended in the neck." <<<


And did Kemp Clark perform the autopsy?

Face it, Pat, you've got nowhere to go with your "3 SHOTS HIT KENNEDY" made-up theory....because it has no basis in fact at all. None. There is no evidence anywhere to indicate that JFK was struck by more than TWO bullets. None. Only theories. And you're happy with your theories (evidently). I'm happier, however, with the provable and verifiable FACT that President Kennedy was wounded by only TWO bullets on 11/22/63.

>>> "Now riddle me this, why does Bugliosi say Kellerman heard a third shot, just as he was getting on the radio, when Kellerman testified to hearing a "flurry of shots" at this time?" <<<

Your mind wandered, eh? (Or is this still the same "3 Shots Hit JFK" subject?) ~shrug~

To answer your riddle -- I haven't the foggiest. Go ask Vince.

But you know what Roy Kellerman's "flurry" was, don't you? It's obvious once you know what the real evidence is. Kellerman was obviously hearing the sound of the ONE single head-shot bullet fragmenting in the front of the limousine, right next to Kellerman's ear in the front seat -- i.e., the fragmented head-shot bullet striking the windshield and also striking the chrome topping near the windshield.

Hence, Kellerman said he heard "a flurry of shells come into the car."

BTW, within Roy Kellerman's Warren Commission testimony, we also find this interesting passage regarding the specific number of gunshots he heard that day:

ARLEN SPECTER -- "You have drawn a conclusion, in effect, by saying that there were four wounds for the President and three wounds for the Governor; and from that, you say there must have been more than three shots in your opinion or your view. But my question is: Do you have any current recollection of having heard more than three shots?"

ROY KELLERMAN -- "No, I don't. I will have to say no."

David Von Pein
May 1, 2008