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The landlady of Oswald [it was actually the housekeeper, not the landlady] reported on the day of the murder of JFK that Oswald returned home (to his room) at a certain time, was wearing certain clothing, left at a certain time, wearing certain clothing, and she described his mannerisms. All this testimony was accepted without question; however, she also stated a Dallas police car came up to the house just prior to Oswald's leaving and blew its horn. This testimony was not accepted. It was stated that the Dallas records did not show any police car in the area at that time.

I don't get it. If they accepted the landlady's [sic] testimony on Oswald's time of arrival, and his time of leaving, his clothing and mannerisms, why didn't they accept her testimony on the police car? This makes it look like the authorities were picking their evidence. What do you think?


Hi Alan Dale Daniel,

The Warren Commission was in a bit of a tough spot regarding some of the witness testimony. I don't deny that fact. I.E., they had to sort out the witness accounts that were probably true and reliable from other testimony (sometimes coming from the very same witness) that was not as reliable and therefore not likely to be very accurate.

And the WC came to the conclusion that it was very likely that Earlene Roberts (the housekeeper at 1026 Beckley where Oswald was renting a shoebox-sized room for $8 a week at the time of JFK's assassination) was definitely telling the truth when she said that Lee Oswald came into the roominghouse, in a hurry, at about 1 PM on 11/22/63. This is almost as certain as certain can be--based on three other things too:

1.) The location where cab driver Bill Whaley dropped off his passenger (Oswald), which was a mere three blocks away from 1026 Beckley.

2.) The fact that Oswald was definitely not wearing his gray zippered jacket when he left the Book Depository at approximately 12:33 PM, but WAS wearing it when he was seen killing Officer Tippit on Tenth Street at approximately 1:15 PM.

3.) And Lee Oswald's own admission that he went back home after the assassination. (It's not always a good idea to believe the accused murderer when he says something, that's for sure. But in this case, Oswald's "I went home" story is corroborated by Mrs. Roberts.)

But the Warren Commission decided Roberts was probably wrong about the police car honking its horn when Oswald was inside his room for those very few minutes on November 22nd (btw, it's my personal opinion that Oswald wasn't in that small room of his for any longer than 1 minute--tops; despite Roberts' own estimate of "3 or 4 minutes"; no way he was in there up to 4 minutes, IMO).

With respect to the horn-honking police car --- it must be kept in mind that Mrs. Roberts testified that it was not unusual at all for a police car to stop in front of the roominghouse and toot its horn. It happened on multiple OTHER days, according to Roberts.

So even if such an occurrence DID take place on November 22nd, it could be looked upon as a NORMAL occurrence, not an ABNORMAL or unusual one.

Or do some conspiracy theorists think that the Dallas Police were so shrewd in their advanced planning of the so-called "Frame-Up" of Lee Harvey Oswald that they had a police car stop in front of 1026 N. Beckley Avenue every so often in the weeks and/or months BEFORE the assassination, just so the car could honk its horn in front of the house...in order to make it look like an ordinary occurrence?

I'd like to know how the conspiracy theorists who think that a police car was "signalling" to Oswald on November 22 can possibly explain away the very same kind of horn-honking which took place at that exact same residence on multiple OTHER days when Presidents WEREN'T being murdered?

When we look at the horn-honking topic from that point-of-view, it makes any 11/22 horn-honking incident seem much less sinister. And if it WAS "sinister", then it's an awfully strange coincidence that the horn was honked ("tip-tip", says Roberts) in the exact same manner in which it was honked by other policemen on OTHER days prior to November 22nd. Wouldn't you agree?


When viewing photos of the JFK assassination, I noted the car carrying Lyndon Johnson, which is right behind the Kennedy car, has secret service agents on the back (two) and two or three on each side.


You're confusing JFK's Secret Service follow-up car with LBJ's car. Johnson wasn't sitting in the car directly behind JFK's limo. LBJ's car is behind JFK's Secret Service car. You can even see LBJ and Lady Bird in the back seat of their rented Lincoln convertible in the Altgens picture (below).


I have also been given to understand the route was changed just prior to the motorcade starting off. Is that true?


That's an enduring conspiracy myth, and is 100% false. More on that HERE.

David Von Pein
April 17, 2008