(PART 188)


>>> "Numerous medical personnel at both Parkland and Bethesda reported a fist-sized wound in the upper right back of the head." <<<


And they were all wrong...and provably so.

The proof? --- This single X-ray (deemed "unaltered in any manner" in 1978 by the HSCA):

>>> "I've watched a lot of LHO footage from that weekend, and I've
never seen any in which Oswald says, as you claim, that "the DPD
framed him"." <<<

Then you haven't listened very carefully to Oswald's ENTIRE "I'm just a patsy" declaration/whitewash. Just one second prior to stating he's a "patsy", Oswald says: "They've [meaning: the DPD of course] taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union."

The words "Soviet Union" are immediately followed by "I'm just a patsy".

Now, logically, who does it appear that the "patsy" remark is being aimed at -- i.e., who is it that Oswald is saying was making him the "patsy" via that chronology of words uttered by Oswald (full statement provided below)?
Certainly not The Mob or the CIA. He's aiming it at the people who have just "taken him in" -- the Dallas Police Department.

And the DPD was obviously NOT trying to make Oswald any "patsy" because of the fact that Lee had "lived in the Soviet Union". Hence, Oswald's "patsy" declaration is one great-big lie right from the moment he uttered it in the DPD hallway.

Here's the audio of the whole 21-second-long "Patsy" comment, which also includes the part where Oswald admits to having been INSIDE THE DEPOSITORY at the precise time JFK was being murdered. So much for Jim Garrison's and Mark Lane's (et al) "OSWALD IN THE DOORWAY" theory:

David Von Pein
April 4, 2008