(PART 193)


>>> "First you have to prove [Lee Harvey Oswald] owned a 40.2-inch Mannlicher-Carcano before you prove he lied." <<<


It's been proven a thousand times since 1963. But, being the nutcase you are, you feel that the slight discrepancy in lengths (40.2 inches vs. 36 inches) between the mail-order ad and the rifle Oswald so obviously received from Klein's is enough to take Sweet Lee off the murdering hook.

But only a total loon would think this small discrepancy would be enough to cast doubt on whether Lee Oswald took possession of the Kennedy murder weapon in March of 1963.

1.) Oswald ordered ONE rifle via mail-order.

2.) Klein's shipped ONE rifle to Oswald's P.O. Box in Dallas.

3.) President Kennedy was shot and killed by ONE mail-order rifle (Serial Number C2766), which was linked beyond every shred of a doubt to Lee Harvey Oswald.

But Rob C. apparently wants to toss the above three common-sense items out the window and pretend (I guess) that a SECOND Mannlicher-Carcano rifle is in the mix somewhere. Instead of accepting the obvious, which is:

Oswald ordered a 36-inch rifle and Klein's shipped him a model that was almost that size, but not quite....with the Model 91/38 MC that Oswald got being a 40-inch version.

And there are certain conspiracy theorists who just don't want to believe Oswald lied when he told the police he had never owned a rifle AND when he lied about never purchasing any guns by mail-order in 1963 AND when he lied when he said he had never heard the name "A. Hidell" before in his life AND when he lied about buying the pistol from a store in Fort Worth (vs. where he really bought it--via mail-order).

Face it, Robert -- you're defending a liar and a double-murderer.

The big question that remains, therefore, is this one --- WHY would anybody want to continually defend a double-killer?

Just for kicks? Just for the sport of it? A hobby? What?

~big shrug~

David Von Pein
April 15, 2008