(PART 184)


>>> "So, VB [Vincent Bugliosi] buys an artifact that just happens to be the same approx. diameter as the ammo LHO used and the same approx. distance right of midline as the prosectors low entry, and just happens to end up vertically where an entry might "seem" more consistent with a shot from six floors up than an entry location near the EOP would? .... VB's slipping, IMO. BTW, Sturdivan admits all that would be one Hell of a coincidence...but goes on to say coincidences happen. Sure, my friend, sure they do." <<<


But WHERE does the "6.5 mm. opacity" (or "object") take you, John? Where?

It's certainly not taking you toward a second gunman...because you don't believe there WAS a second gunman in Dealey Plaza. Nor do I.

The "object" is a complete "UNKNOWABLE". We don't know WHAT the heck it is. Nobody ever has known for certain what the heck it is/was.

I, for one, have filed the "6.5mm. object" topic away in my "Forever Unknowable" drawer. And I think Vincent T. Bugliosi has done the same thing too.

Maybe you, John, should consider labelling one of your file drawers in the same manner. Because not every last thing CAN be known with 100% certainty about this murder case.*

* = With another good example of an "unknowable" in the JFK case being --- The exact positions of JFK & John Connally at the instant each man was struck by the SBT bullet on Elm Street.

We can never know with geometric perfection the exact location and physical posture of the men as they sat in their seats while they were being hit by that bullet (although Dale Myers' computer re-creation has probably come as close to mimicking the victims' positions as humanly possible), especially when such complete knowledge is literally impossible to ascertain, since the Stemmons freeway sign is blocking our view of President Kennedy when he is hit by Bullet CE399.

But that "unknowable" doesn't mean we can't determine beyond all reasonable doubt (when utilizing other evidence in the case) that CE399 did, in fact, pass through both men on November 22nd.

I sometimes think that conspiracy theorists are of the odd opinion that EVERY last thing MUST be known with 100% certainty in order to render an informed opinion about a particular topic -- the SBT specifically.

And I'm guessing that as long as ANY "unknowables" (such as that 6.5-millimeter object on the X-ray) still exist with respect to the JFK assassination, then certain CTers will use those unknowable things to prop up visions of conspiracy and shady underhandedness on the part of somebody connected with the case.

But, again, where does such a thing really take the theorist?

Answer: Down a dead-end street. Like always.

David Von Pein
March 29, 2008