(PART 181)


This thread vividly exemplifies another feature/phenomenon that we
encounter so very often here at the Asylum/Nuthouse -- and that is
the "BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS" type of arguments we often see being
espoused by kooks like Walt.

Now, I'll be up front with everybody here in the "asylum" -- I had
never EVER seen "Barnes Deposition Exhibit A" before just a few hours
ago when I looked it up on the Mary Ferrell site in order to respond to
Walt's lunacy in this thread.

In fact, I wasn't even aware that there WERE any "Barnes Exhibits" in
the WC volumes at all. Those aren't part of the "CE" numbered
exhibits, of course; so we have to look elsewhere to find the exhibits
that the Commission decided to label with a witness' actual name. (Why
did the WC do this with only selected witnesses, btw? Does anybody
know? It can be quite confusing when looking through the volumes while
searching for a picture or exhibit that you KNOW exists, but you can't
find a "CE" number for it; very aggravating; it's happened to me before.)

It's amazing how much raw material that exists that is connected to
the JFK case (e.g., exhibits, photos, statements, affidavits, FBI reports,
Commission Documents [CDs] that are not part of the "CE" numbers, etc.).

And I know of no one who has gone through every last item. Maybe
somebody exists who has seen every last "Barnes Exhibit" and every
last FBI report, etc., but I haven't met that person as yet.

Even Vince Bugliosi admits that he hasn't looked at everything connected
with this case (and he worked on his book for 20+ years). .....

"I haven't seen EVERY document; it would take a couple of lifetimes to look at every document connected to this case." -- Vince Bugliosi (paraphrased just slightly); via 2007 radio interviews

Anyway, back to my "Seat Of The Pants" point.....

Walt makes a statement saying something happened in a certain way
(always rejecting the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald could have POSSIBLY
been involved in any way at all, of course; that goes without saying
when confronting an "Anybody But Oswald" mega-kook in Walter's class);
but it would seem that before posting an idiotic statement like this one.....

"It's perfectly feasible that he [Tippit's killer] rested his left hand on the door beneath the window and his right hand on the right front fender." -- Walt; 03/26/08

.....Walt had no desire to do what I did today and LOOK UP ADDITIONAL
INFORMATION regarding the point he was trying to pass off as a
reasonable scenario with respect to the gunman's car-touching posture
just before Tippit was shot.

And it's certainly not like the information ISN'T readily available
and easily accessible--for free--on this great tool called The Internet,
because it only took me a few minutes to dig up this WC exhibit to
demonstate how silly Walt's above-quoted scenario truly is (although
I will admit, it took a bit longer to locate this exhibit, because I first
had to find out what volume the "Barnes Exhibits" were stored in).

In short -- Walt seems to be extremely lazy. He very rarely posts any
links to any exhibits or testimony. Occasionally he will do that, but
he certainly doesn't seem to want to go the extra (and FREE)
"electronic mile" in order to drive home a point even harder.

Of course, if I were a kook like Walt, I certainly would want to keep
any "lurkers" in the dark in this "exhibit" and "real evidence" regard
too -- because the unbelievably stupid and highly untenable positions
he takes on virtually every topic connected with the murders of both
John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit are positions that are better left
unsourced (from Walt's POV anyway).

In fact, such crackpot CT scenarios MUST remain "unsourced" -- because
almost everything theorized by Walter is only "true" in the strange
mind of Walt Cakebread (and in the minds of other conspiracy-happy
kooks like him).

David Von Pein
March 26, 2008