(PART 194)


>>> "Are you taking the word of proven liars? (DPD)" <<<


And do you want to take the word of a proven liar (LHO)? Of course you
do....because you're a nut.

But a non-nut (aka: a reasonable person) would probably ask themselves
a very logical question when attempting to determine who was telling
the truth in November 1963....with that question being --- Who had
more of a reason to lie after LHO's arrest--Lee H. Oswald or the DPD?

BTW, Tom, do you REALLY think Oswald took some curtain rods to
work on November 22nd?

If not, what the hell was in the bag he positively took inside the
TSBD on 11/22? His laundry?

Speaking of laundry....

I'm surprised more CTers don't bring up the topic of LHO Laundry
more often....seeing as how it was determined via Ruth
Paine's testimony that LHO definitely brought his dirty laundry
("underwear and shirts") to the Paine home in Irving on the weekends
he visited there, with Lee then taking "clean things with him" when he
returned to Dallas with Buell Wesley Frazier on Monday mornings (or at
least on SOME of the Monday mornings following his Irving weekend
visits). ....

"Lee brought his underwear and shirts to be washed at my house,
and then Marina ironed his things and he would take clean things with
him on Monday."

AFAIK, no CTer has ever theorized that the long bag carried by LHO on
11/22 contained his clean laundry. And, frankly, that WOULD indeed be
a better argument for CTers to make with respect to the contents of
the package that we know Lee took with him to work on the day of JFK's
murder, since such a proposed "laundry" theory would at least be a
theory that fits some of the known (R. Paine) testimony re LHO and
his laundry habits while visiting the Paine house on weekends.

Of course, any such "laundry" argument would still have major
problems, because of Oswald telling Frazier that the bag had "curtain
rods" in it. (Plus there's the empty bag, with LHO's prints, being
found in the Sniper's Nest too. Since the bag was completely EMPTY
when it was found, where did the laundry...or the curtain rods...go?)

Plus, if the bag had actually contained some innocuous item like
laundry or curtain rods, there would have been no reason under the
moon for Oswald to want to start telling lies about the contents of
the package at all.

In short, CTers should face the obvious fact that Lee Oswald took his
rifle out of the Paine garage on the morning of November 22nd, wrapped
it up in a handmade brown paper bag, and took it into his workplace at
the Depository on the morning of 11/22/63.

The amount of CUMULATIVE evidence (both of the circumstantial and
physical varieties) that indicates the fact that LHO did take his
rifle to work on 11/22 is impossible for any conspiracy theorist to
sidestep, skew, or overcome (although, as we all know, rabid CTers
WILL continue to ignore and/or mangle this cumulative evidence until
the proverbial cows come home....or until the Devil's residence turns
to rock-hard ice).

David Von Pein
April 16, 2008